10 Facts of The Eastern Island in Indonesia, Papua

Papua is one of the interesting island in Indonesia. Located in east Indonesia, it’s directly bordered with Papua New Guinea as its neighbour. Papua has around 800.000 km in wide making it the largest island in Indonesia and the 2nd biggest island in the world. Originally, it consists of one province, Papua. But in 2003, […]

10 Unique Jobs that You Can Only Find in Indonesia

Indonesia has many occupations. Everyday thousands of company open job vacancies to job seeker out there. While the idea of job changes from then to now on due to industrial revolution 4.0, many jobs might be lost since technology replace them with lower production cost. However, new jobs rise to answer market demands, especially in […]

5 Reasons Why People of Indonesia Has Never Ending Friendliness

Indonesia is full of friendly people. They greet you in the morning, they talk to you in the noon, they accompany you in the evening, even at midnight. This close relation between one another has been Indonesian culture for more than hundred years. Since traditional society era, Indonesian people has certain culture that builds close […]

Characteristics of Indonesian Geography, A Unique Archipelago

Indonesia is one of unique countries in the world because it consists of archipelagos separated by the sea. It has approximately 13000 archipelagos that divides in to 34 provinces. Most of them still undiscovered and haven’t been named. This numerous archipelagos brings positive benefits for Indonesia. Indonesia is surrounded by four interesting border, the north […]

Is It Safe To Travel Alone in Indonesia? 15 Correct Answers For You

Indonesia has so many beautiful and awesome place that can not be missed if you have a plan to stay in Indonesia for a long time. Indonesia is a large and growing country. Indonesia’s natural wealth always be interesting thing for foreign tourists. This country has many great places to visit. Indonesia is one of […]

25 True Facts of Indonesian Palm Oil

Beside having different culture and arts, Indoenesia also known for having a lot of natural resources. So many things can be found in here, including spices. The spices were always being hunted by the Portuguese and Deustch, that’s why they came in here to take them and also taking the freedon of Indonesia in the […]

17 Basic Rights in Indonesia Must Know

As an Indonesian citizen and as a human being who is destined to be a human being who is intelligent and as a social, civilized and cultured creature. Of every human being and society based on the Godhead and Unity of Indonesia, we have the same rights and obligations in the eyes of the State. […]

20 Business Practices in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country with more than 17,000 islands that has many diversities in culture and customs. Moreover, Indonesia is located across the equator of the Earth. So, Indonesia has a very strategic geography which increases the advantages of people around the world to do the business in Indonesia. Therefore, many businessman from other […]

10 Consumer Buying Habits in Indonesia

When time flies, people start to life in a modern way. Technology makes a lot of changes, especially in the economy life. In Indonesia, the growth economy might not be significant. But people could feel the differences. Their activities in selling and buying prove it. They could still buy something although the raising of the […]

Social Etiquette in Indonesia – Characteristics

According to Ancient Greek, ethics is derived from the word ethikos which means “arising from habit”. Ethics is the main branch of philosophy that studies the value or quality of standards and moral judgments. Ethics includes analysis and application of concepts such as right, wrong, good, bad, and responsibility. Ethics begins when humans reflect on […]