5 Funniest Indonesian Stand-Up Comedians

Maybe you have known that Indonesia has a lot of funny people. It seems like all levels of society in Indonesia know their sense of humor as well.

But still, between thousands of funny people, there will always the funniest among them. Maybe you even remember about legendary Indonesian soap operas.

Those funny people are funny in their own way. So many ways, so many methods, so many tricks they have been learning and doing until the netizens become very happy with their presence.

They are often called “comedians”. Not only as a single comedian, there are also most hilarious Indonesian comedy groups.

As time goes by, then “stand-up comedians” pops out. Stand-up comedy is a comic style in which a stand-up comedian performs in front of the audience, usually speaking directly to them.

They usually tell the audience about stories, jokes, and many more. And now, let’s find out who is the funniest Indonesian stand up comedians? Check this out!

1. Ernest Prakasa

Well, who doesn’t know Ernest Prakasa, by the way? He is so funny, isn’t he?

He is one of the most popular persons in Indonesia and for your information, he is a super talented and amazing Indonesian stand-up comedian.

At the age of 38, he is even becoming more active and active, which makes him more popular and getting more fans.

He joined a stand-up comedy competition several times ago. After a long time of struggles, he finally got his 3rd place in the competition, namely Stand-Up Comedy Indonesia (SUCI) in 2011.

In that period, he told his audience a lot of jokes about himself, mostly about some discrimination that he has been receiving since he was just a kid.

As a Chinese, he often gets different kinds of racial discrimination.

He did not want to make his dark experience to be a sad memory, so he made it as his main topic when performing the stand-up comedy.

He is a really hard worker, not only in the stand-up comedy but also in cinema industry.

First, he plunged into the movie industry as an actor, but now he is more famous as a scriptwriter and film director.

You can watch his masterpiece as a film director in Ngenest (2015), Cek Toko Sebelah (2016), Susah Sinyal (2017), and Milly & Mamet: Ini Bukan Cinta dan Rangga (2018).

2. Raditya Dika

The next funniest Indonesian stand-up comedians is Raditya Dika, of course!

As popular as Ernest Prakasa, Raditya Dika is also famous as a scriptwriter, a stand-up comedian, a writer, a film director, and an actor.

His real name is Dika Angkasaputra Moerwani Nasution and now he is 35 years old.

How cool he is, in his age, he is still productive and gaining a lot of fans.

He started his career as a novel writer. Maybe you guys have known his first book, Kambing Jantan, was the most popular funny book back in your high school era.

What makes this book special is, this book got “best seller” title and that has made Raditya Dika one of the famous Indonesian writers.

In Kambing Jantan, Raditya tells his reader about his experience when he was living in Australia to study.

In Australia, he had a lot of experiences and he made his experiences as a funny story in his book. 

3. Arie Kriting

Now, we move to our next funniest Indonesian stand-up comedians, Arie Kriting!

When we know him, it seems like we start to know the reason why Indonesia is the happiest country.

His complete name is Satriaddin Maharinga Djongki and now he is 34 years old.

Coming from Wakatobi, he struggled to be the best stand-up comedian in Stand Up Comedy Indonesia Kompas TV Season 3, which was held in 2013.

Not only as a comedian, he is also successful as an actor. He acted in Comic 8 and from that time, he has been gaining more and more fans.

4. Ge Pamungkas

This funny and charming man has his complete name Genrifadi Pamungkas.

He is now 31 years old and a single comedian. Besides, he is also an Indonesian actor.

He becomes popular after winning the second season of Stand Up Comedy Indonesia Kompas TV competition in 2012.

With his friends, Boris Bokir, Gilang Bhaskara, Isman H. Suryaman, and Randhika Djamil, Ge Pamungkas struggled in that event.

He finally successfully entered the grand final and faced Gilang Bhaskara.

Ge Pamungkas was known for his act out ability when he brought stand-up material on stage.

He was so skillful to demonstrate various scenes or characters by imitating various sounds with various expressions, so that some people gave him a nickname “a comic with 1000 sounds”.

5. Soleh Solihun

And last but not least is Soleh Solihun! Our favorite “Bandung Man” is really a cool but funny Indonesian stand-up comedian.

He is now 40 years old, and still productive in the industry of stand up comedy.

He also performs as a special pop radio announcer in a show namely “Yuhu Pagi”.

So, that’s all for the funniest Indonesian stand-up comedians, and who is your favorite?