10 Ways How To Avoid Scams In Bali Must Know

Every people knows about Bali as the paradise island as they says that Bali consists of so many tourism such as beach, special culture, food and the ethnics traditions, that’s true if there is statement say Indonesia has many tourism places separated in all island. But, Bali has interesting culture that make people around the world want to visit. That’s why Bali is very famous in another country, like Australia, England, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. All of them know Bali well. However, there are some information that should be known by tourist about Bali. Many people stay in Bali to get the benefit things with wrong way. If you don’t know about them or you are the new comer in Bali. They have tricks to get your money. So, you should pay attention with the scams in Bali. Furthermore, you also must take attention with Social Etiquette in Bali.

It is true that Bali is beautiful place to spent your holiday. One of method to avoid scams in Bali is you can go to Bali with recommended travel. Good travel with smart tour guide can be people that will give you story about Bali. They will tell you everything about Bali. You can ask them about something that you want to do. The second is, you can go to Bali with your friend or family. They should ever go to Bali before. So, they know little bit about Bali, such as the good money charger, right transportation, and food with cheap price. Your friend or family experience about Bali is the additional value to bring them with you. They can be a free tour guide, because before they go to Bali with you, maybe they already get tricky. You also can read  How to be Safe in Bali  which provide useful tips on it.

Browsing all information. In the globalization era, all of people can know everything information thought hand phone. You can open the internet, and then type the information you want. However, in this method you also choose the right information. Because in the internet, many right information and hoax information become one. People that will make a scam cannot be from big or official organizations. It means that, everything you do in Bali have to related to official organization. For example, you go to some place and then choose taxi. There is safe option to choose good brand taxi in Bali. Don’t choose usual taxi organization. You also must know about Communication Etiquette in Indonesia as well as Language in Bali Indonesia with their characteristics.

Don’t believe on every people. Friendly is the kind of good attitude. However, as long as we stay or holiday in the new place, we need to friendly, but also pay attention to people around us. Especially for people that offer something for us, such as offering money, travel, guide, etc. Don’t believe easily with new people that offering something.

Asking something you don’t know about Bali with high position. High position in this statement, means that people that have works to serve others. It can be a head of village, or region where you go. It is also can be policemen, soldier or the head of tourism. They will give correct information for your holiday about Bali. You can say thanks for every people that offering you with something directly. Actually, in Bali many business or people that needs money quickly, and will offer you something such as cheap ticket, transportation, food, and being the photograph. Be sure that the spot is in the good condition, so that you can think again to accept their offering or say thanks.

You should make sure about how many fees you give for the service. When you come to Bali, and you need a driver. You can ask firstly about the fee you should pay before you go with the driver. It can be a negotiation between the transportation driver and you. Don’t accept the expensive one. And then, the scams in Bali often happen in the shop souvenir. The price of souvenir can be very expensive. Don’t buy souvenir when you firstly look at that. You can make comparison between one sales to others sales. And then make the comparison about the price. So, you can get the price that appropriate with you.

Related with previous explanation. Don’t pay for the first offering. I mean, where someone offer you something, you cannot accept it. You have to look at other people with different offer. And then you can take the good one. It can make your wallet safe.

In Bali or other tourism place, have some stealer. You don’t know where they are. They can stay close beside you without your awareness. That’s why you should pay attention with your bag travel. You can add the security thing such as key or padlock on your bag. It is very important because they are very smart and tricky. Having international driving license is also important. Do you know, some police can have stopped you at the street when you don’t have international driving license? They will ask you for some rupiahs or dollar with the reason about break the rule of street. So you should know how to ride in Bali and have driving license.

After you pay for 29.000 rupiahs, but your money is 50.000 rupiahs. You’ll get your money back 21.000 rupiahs. It is also important to count your money again when you buy something. Why? Because sometimes the people or seller will give your money back not like at the right count. So, don’t go quickly before you know how much your money back.

Don’t accept drink or food from the new people easily. New people means that people that you don’t know. It is better to buy food or drink in the reputable store than accept from people you don’t know, because sometimes they can mix the food and drink with danger material to make you unconscious and then take your travel bag. Making the material that need to bring by yourself. You can prepare to bring some food, and drink by yourself is safety things to avoid scams in Bali. You can go to market to buy the material, and then cook for your box lunch, and also for your drink such as tea or juice. After that you can go to some place to enjoy your holiday.

All of the explanation above is how to avoid scams in Bali. After that, I will explain the real situation in the form of ten points, and then the solution to avoid the scams.

1. Drink in the Bali’s Bar with responsibility

In Bali, you should pay attention where you want to drink Arak. Sometimes, the Arak can mix with something dangerous such as ethanol. If you don’t want your vacation in Bali disturbed, you have to avoid to drink Arak and you can choose other kind of drink.

2. Shopping carefully

Bali has so many destinations for shopping. The seller sells so many kinds of souvenir that you can share with your family. However, you should be careful to buy something. Sometimes, if you cannot choose the right souvenir, you can get the bad quality souvenir with high price. That’s why you should shopping carefully. You also must know about Shopping Habits in Indonesia as well as their attitudes when do shopping.

3. Bali money charger

In Bali, you can find many money charger, because many tourist needs to converse their money to rupiahs. In this case, there are some money charger being scams in Bali. You need to know the condition of your money through rupiahs (you can look at the kurs in the ww.bi.go.id). it’s important, because sometimes the money charger will get many benefit If you don’t know how many kurs rupiah trough your money.

4. Tricky driver

Bali have wide area. For reach one destination to other destination needs the transportation because far distance. In Bali, some driver transportation wants to get the benefit. Sometimes, the price here can hurt your budget. You need to know the budget before choose the transportation.

5. Expensive massages

The messages in this case consists of some services, like manicure, hair braiding and henna tattoos. You can find people that will offer for this service around beach and hotel. When you agree to pay massages, they will continue to polish without your agreement. That’s why you needs to stop the service before they are continue.

6. Tour guide does not have license

When the tourist come to Bali, they are some people will offer to be a tour guide. Sometimes, they want to get overcharge. You can avoid them or accept them if you have more budget. But it is better to get the tour guide from travel agent. Because they have license and will make your visit more comfortable.

7. Ubud monkey scam

Ubud forest is recommended to be one of destination for all tourist, but the tourist should pay attention with the monkey. At this place, monkey can stall or get the things that brought by tourist. Some of monkeys is already trained to steal so that the trainers can get tourist’s thing for get the fee. You should keep your valuable things such as passport, money, and jewelry. Maybe you want to know about Monkey Dance in Bali.

8. Taxi meter dishonest

If you are go to some place in Bali by taxi, you should pay attention because it can be scams. Sometimes, the taxi meter as the indicator how many they get fee, can start quickly so that the driver gets more fee. It’s important to choose the reputable taxi company or having negotiation firstly with the taxi driver.

9. Money nominal confusion

After you get some service from massages, tattoo, buy food or others. You have to ask how many fees. Asking clearly how many prices for the service. If they say 10, what the meaning of ten? Is it for dollar or IDR. It means the scams uses word play to make you give them more money.

10. Skimming in the ATM

All people often save their money in Bank, and then using ATM to get the money from ATM machine. This is the criminal case in many tourism place, some bad people will put the skimming to record your ATM pin when you go to ATM machine. The solution is, you can go to ATM machine in the bank. Don’t use ATM machine in the around street if you want to avoid this scam.

Finally, those are complete explanation about everything you need about how to avoid scams in Bali when you do travelling, or stay for a long time. I hope this information can be useful for those who needed the information.