13 Causes of Conflict in Indonesia

In social life, there is social interaction between groups or individuals. Of course there are dynamics of relationships that can become harmonious or conflicting. Harmonious relationships in society are definitely an ideal condition desired by humans. But in the dynamics of interaction, of course there is the possibility of leading to conflict. Conflict is any […]

Interesting Facts About 15 Customs in Bali Indonesia

Who doesn’t know Bali? Most tourists that came in Indonesia are of course familiar with this island. Somehow, they even get close to the island itself, and not recognizing that they are standing on the country with the name of Indonesia. Read also: Hindu Temple at Bali Hinduism in Bali History of Bali Bali Tribes […]

Social Taboos in Indonesia – Society and Environment

Like the other countries, of course they have their own culture that reflected from the social rules. One form of them is the taboo. Well, everyone knows hat the taboos is. Taboo is like something that weird or even restricted to do, because it looks very bad in society. Read also : History of Indonesian […]

Social Hierarchy in Indonesia – Measures

In society, you can find people who belong to the rich, medium, and poor. The classification shows that in society there are levels that distinguish between one human with another human. The grouping of societies on the basis of certain levels is called social stratification or social hierarchy. Social hierarchy in general can be interpreted […]

15 Types Of Laws In Indonesia – Characteristics

Each country certainly has a different legal base, even with the same goals and missions. In Indonesia itself there are several types of laws that apply, both general and legal law internationally. The legal basis is made so that all actions and deeds that are not in accordance with the rule to get justice, by […]

40 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Indonesia

When living inside a particular country, there is always a certain set of rules and laws that you must obey. Indonesia is no exception to this. There are some basic etiquettes and behaviour that everyone have to follow through. Read these 40 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Indonesia to ensure blending in with the public […]

13 Social Activities in Indonesia

Indonesians are highly social people. As a result, they are always involved in social activities. These social activities are often focused around the neighbourhood. But they may spread out into helping a certain community within a certain region. Below are the 13 Social Activities in Indonesia that you should know. These activities show how much […]

13 Teenagers Lifestyle in Indonesia

Teenagers are blossoming kids who are trying to find their ways of transitioning into adulthood. Despite their young age, they already have a lifestyle that is unique. They have their own sense of music, style and behaviours. This article will give you the 13 Teenager Lifestyle in Indonesia. Read on how they live their life […]

Lifestyle in Bali Indonesia – Society – Habits

Bali is the most famous Indonesian island in the country. The island is filled with beautiful sceneries of rice paddies and beaches. There are also many Buddhist Temple in Bali Indonesia. Although Bali is known for its tourists status, the Balinese are actually more conservative. They have their own way of living. Moreover, they also have […]

13 Bad Manners in Indonesia You Must Avoid

There are some basic rules and guidelines that serve as Indonesian Etiquette. The etiquette that Indonesians follow through help them to differentiate between the good manners and the bad manners. The good manners can give good impression to the people around you. On the contrary, the bad manners may cause annoyance and even make you look […]