16 Beautiful and Attractive Tourism Villages in Yogyakarta Must Visit

Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta is a province that has already been popular in Indonesia. Even, the name of Yogyakarta is not only limited to local tourists but, the name of this province has been stated that it is known by foreign countries. In addition, Yogyakarta as one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia and this city […]

Tongkonan, A Unique Traditional House From Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is a village located in South Sulawesi with its downtown located in Makale. It has around 2000 km2 in width and 260.000 people living there. Torajan people live mostly in the mountain and they still keep their ancient tradition running among them. As Austronesian descendant, Torajan people still practice its lifestyle which resembles […]

Wae Rebo, A Village above The Sky in Flores

Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) is one province in Indonesia that’s located in the East side in Indonesia. This province’s capital city is Kupang and it has 22 regions. It has around 550 archipelagos with Flores, Sumba, and West Timor being the most famous place in the province. Read more: 13 Site in Flores,. and Best […]