16 Beautiful and Attractive Tourism Villages in Yogyakarta Must Visit

Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta is a province that has already been popular in Indonesia. Even, the name of Yogyakarta is not only limited to local tourists but, the name of this province has been stated that it is known by foreign countries. In addition, Yogyakarta as one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia and this city surely has a lot of differences with other tourist destinations.

One of the reasons that make this tourist destination is different, Yogyakarta still shows the atmosphere of Javanese culture even though there are so many modern things which can be found in each corner of this city. Moreover, Yogyakarta has already been famous as a cultural tourism destination in Indonesia that will never forget.

If we only see cultural tourism, it will be very unfortunate. This matter because there are so many tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that are spread in every area. One of the popular tourist attractions in this city is a few tourism villages. Furthermore, tourism villages in Yogyakarta which we can visit such as;

1. Kentingan Tourism Village

Firstly, tourism village in Yogyakarta is one of the popular tourist destinations in Sleman. Kentingan Tourism Village is one of the tourism village that can be called a new place. Perhaps, Kentingan tourism village is not known by the public widely in recent years. However, this matter does not show that this tourism village is not attractive.

Actually, Kentingan tourism village is one of the locations which must be visited. The reason why this tourism village must be visited is we will be shown a rural atmosphere that is looked natural and calm. In addition, we can still see a number of heron birds in the rice field. Therefore, Kentingan tourism village becomes one of the popular photo spots in Sleman. If you are in Yogyakarta, you should come to this tourism village which is located at Dusun Kentingan, Desa Tirtoadi, Mlati sub-district, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

2. Kasongan Tourism Village

The name of Kasongan tourism village has already been very popular in Yogyakarta. This tourism village can be stated that one of the locations is often visited by tourists. If you visit Kasongan tourism village maybe, you will not find the rice fields. Nevertheless, you will find a lot of famous ceramic shops. The craft pottery at this location can be one of the popular Yogyakarta souvenirs.

This tourism village has been popular for a long time in Yogyakarta. Even, if we see the history of craft pottery at this village, it had already existed since Dutch colonialism. In addition, Kasongan tourism village has been popular among tourists which as one of the interesting shopping places in Yogyakarta.

When we visit this village, we will see a lot of craft potteries in the form of kitchen furniture. Kasongan tourism village is located at Pedukuhan Kajen, Desa Bangunjiwo, Kasihan sub-district, Bantul district, Yogyakarta. This Kasongan tourism village must be noted on your visiting list.

3. Brayut Tourism Village

The next tourism village is still in Sleman City. Brayut tourism village is one of some attractive tourism villages in Yogyakarta. This tourism village will give interesting experiences for those who visit especially, the experience of the way to live in the villages and also all of its activities. Perhaps, Brayut tourism village can be stated as one of attractive educational tourism.

Furthermore, the tourists who come can join the various kinds of training and we certainly should pay it first. Brayut tourism village provides various kinds of fun training such as dance, gamelan, and the training of traditional rice field processing. If you are looking for interesting tourism, this Brayut tourism village can be your choice.

4. Tembi Tourism Village

If you want to learn Javanese culture, Tembi tourism village can be an interesting choice. This tourism village is one of a few popular tourism villages in Yogyakarta. Tembi tourism village had existed since 1994.

So far, Tembi tourism village has become one of the best tourism villages in Yogyakarta. Even, this tourism village gets a predicate as one of the best tourism villages in ASEAN. If we talk about the facilities at Tembi tourism village, there are a variety of complete and sufficient facilities. In addition, this tourism village also has homestays which can be said they sill have a traditional atmosphere but, there is a little modern thing. Besides, Tembi tourism village also has a few art galleries that are able to be enjoyed by visitors. Tembi tourism village is located at Dusun Tembi Desa Timbulharjo, Bantul district. Moreover, Tembi tourism village will not make disappointments on your holiday.

5. Krebet Tourism Village

Batik is one of the popular crafts in Yogyakarta and we know the various kinds of batik motifs or the kinds of batik that have been painted on the cloth. However, this tourism village maybe is different from the others since Krebet tourism village will teach us unusually batik techniques. This matter because our media is not a cloth anymore while making batik.

If we visit Krebet tourism village, our media which we use for making batik is a wood. Therefore, we will get sensational to make batik on the wood and also it will give us interesting experiences that certainly are different from usual. If you are interested to enjoy those experiences, you just come to Krebet tourism village which is located at Desa Sendangsari, Pajangan sub-district, Bantul.

Moreover, there are still some other tourism villages beside the examples above, such as;

6. Tanjung Tourism Village

7. Pentingsari Tourism Village

8. Karang Tengah Tourism Village

9. Nglinggo Tourism Village

10. Manding Tourism Village

11. Candran Tourism Village

12. Kembang Arum Tourism Village

13. Banyusumurup Tourism Village

14. Trumpon Tourism Village

15. Kebon Agung Tourism Village

16. Sambi Tourism Village

Anyway, that is all the tourism villages in Yogyakarta that you can visit. Every tourism village definitely will give different experiences. Every location is able to make your holiday fun. At last, hope this information makes useful.