13 Rules When You Visit Indonesian Museum

Visiting the museum can be a very enjoyable trip. It is one of the Things Not to Miss in Indonesia. In museum, there are various things that you can see, such as paintings, archaeological objects, dioramas, and some even will show the latest technology. While in Indonesia, it is no fault to visit the museum sometimes. If you get bored of seeing the scenery, museum trips could be the alternative. Here, you could get many knowledge and experience. However, you shouldn’t neglect the rules in museum. Here are the lists of rules when you visit Indonesian museum.

  1. Don’t make any noisy

Being noisy at the museum will disturb the experience of the people around you who are trying to enjoy and observe the work on display there. Nothing is more annoying than if you try to find a peace in a museum hall but suddenly distracted by the noise of screaming kids or a bunch of people can’t stop chatting. The gallery or museum is not a place to talk in a loud voice like you talk in outside. So if you have to talk, play your voice or better chat in the cafe or lobby of the museum.

  1. Watch your steps

While walking and walking around the museum, make sure you pay close attention to the floor and the streets you pass. On the floor there will usually be many markers or obstacles that you should be aware of. Because it means you can’t get pass the line. Be sure to always look around you. Don’t to hit or step on something that is not supposed to. You certainly don’t want to ruin the artwork by accident because of your careless.

  1. Eating, drinking, and smoking are totally prohibited

Accidents can happen no matter how careful you are. That’s why visitors are generally prohibited from eating, drinking or smoking in the museum room. The goal is that you do not damage the artwork by accident. Most museums also provide delicious cafes and restaurants. So if you are hungry, just go to that special place that has been provided. Do not go around the museum while carrying the food.

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  1. Follow the instruction from museum guide

While visiting museum, there would be the museum guide that would give you some information about the artwork. Follow the instructions of the guide of museum, if you need to get some specific information, don’t hesitate to ask them.

  1. Don’t talk on the telephone

Talking at the phone is not only annoying others around you, but also disturbing your experience as well. If you really want to communicate, then via short message can be the best choice. Some museums will not even allow visitors to pick up the phone in the hall or even in the corridors of the museum. Visitors should move to the lobby if they have to pick up the phone. (Read also: Telephone Manner in Indonesia)

  1. Take picture without any flash

If you take a picture in the museum that is allowed to take pictures, make sure the flash is off. Flash on the camera may damage the material used to create artefacts or artwork. Museums that store artefacts or antique artwork will usually announce this rule first. This is because some antiques are sometimes very sensitive, so it must be treated with great care.

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  1. Don’t touch the things on display

This point should be understood for everyone, but unfortunately there are still many visitors touching the artwork that is on display in almost every museum. Even if an artifact is put in the open and without a glass coffin, it does not mean you can touch it. Some other museums provide opportunities for you to interact with artwork. But a place like that must have a notice, so make sure you check it before touching or grasping the artworks.

  1. No littering

Littering inside the museum is not allowed. Besides causing some museum objects to become dirty, it will also spoil the beauty of the museum. Once you get caught littering in museum, the officer will possibly ask you to get out of museum. That is why obeying the rule in museum is important.

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  1. Put your backpack at the daycare center

If you bring the backpack or the big size of bag, the officer would probably ask you to put your bag in daycare center. This rule is applied to minimize the chance for the visitors to steal some objects in museum. In Indonesia especially, there are many theft happen in museum due to the lack of supervision. So, this rule starts to be applied in several big museums in Indonesia. (Read also: Things to Avoid in Indonesia)

  1. Follow the visitor’s route instructions

In some museums, there are some signs of direction that you must follow. This sign is made to minimize the crowds. Besides, it would help the visitors to visit the display one by one with the good order. In addition, there are some classifications of the places to divide the display of museum objects. That is why it is important for you to follow the sign. Don’t randomly move to one display that you have visited before. If you have finished seeing the objects, you will end in the exit doors.

  1. Don’t bring any animal

Visiting museums while taking pets is not the right behavior. As much as possible avoid it, because it has many losses than the benefits. Certainly the pets have the potential to disturb the convenience of the artwork. It also might cause other visitors of museums being disturbed because of your pets.

  1. Taking picture sometimes is prohibited

This prohibition also aims to provide comfort for visitors, prevent duplication and keep the artwork from damage. Some artists do not allow the artwork to be drawn, this is to prevent duplication. Other effects of light blitz from the camera can damage the artwork.

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  1. Let the museum officer check your bags in entrance and exit doors

Try not to get mad to the museum officers if they ask you to check your bag. It is just one of the procedures that you have to obey. Just let them check your bag to make them sure you don’t bring anything that harm. The check would be done both in entrance door and exit door.

Now you have read the rules that you should obey in museum. Remember that the rules make to create the good orders for visitors. If you could obey the rules well, you have given the contribution of maintaining museums in Indonesia.