13 Precious Things to Learn in Jakarta

Traveling in Jakarta could give you some wonderful experiences. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, so you could visit some various tourisms at once. Although some people say this metropolitan city like a ‘monster because its modern lifestyle, you could have fun with thing you should do in Jakarta. There, you can also learn many things that would add more memories in your life. Here are the things to learn in Jakarta.

  1. Indonesian Government

Jakarta is the center of Indonesian government. So, once you visit Jakarta, you would find a lot of government offices there. Each department of ministry has their own building. The most luxurious government building is the House of Representatives. These legislative officials are functioned to deliver the Indonesians society’s opinion. You could go there anytime if you want to know more about Indonesian government.

  1. TV broadcasting in Indonesia

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Then, no wonder if there would much TV broadcasting office that located in this city. There, you could find at more than 12 national TV station. In this good chance, you could learn many things of TV broadcasting in Indonesia. The bonus is, you could meet some famous Indonesian artists and actors. (Read also: History of Broadcasting in Indonesia)

  1. The social life of urban

Almost the inhabitants of Jakarta are urban people. They come from various regions of all the parts of Indonesia. Here you could learn how urban people life, what is their activity, and how they could survive in Jakarta. Usually, almost of urban people would work much harder to fulfill their needs. Moreover, some of migrant residents couldn’t survive that makes the rate of poverty in Indonesia increasing. (Read also: Indonesia Lifestyle)

  1. Betawi culture

Betawi is the native of Jakarta. Although Jakarta categorized as the urban and modern city, the Betawi culture is still exist up to now. In fact, there are still many villages in Jakarta that maintain this culture very well. If you are interested to learn Betawi culture, it is recommended for you to come to Setu Babakan in South Jakarta. There you could learn many things about this culture.

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  1. Ondel-ondel

Ondel – ondel is a giant doll made of woven bamboo that is decorated with clothes and some accessories that make it looks like a human. In the show, this doll is usually in motion by someone who is inside it with the accompaniment of typical music betawi.

Ondel – ondel performances are usually held in the folk framework parties such as harvest parties, reception guests, weddings and other official celebrations. That is why ondel – ondel dolls become one of the big icon in the celebration of the capital Jakarta. Learning Ondel-Ondel traditional could be a great experience to do in Jakarta.

  1. Budgeting management

Jakarta categorized as the most expensive city in Indonesia. This is the place with the high cost living compared to other tourism places in Java such as Yogyakarta, Bali, or Bandung. While you visit there, you will learn how to manage the budget by yourself. Besides, you would learn how people in Jakarta make an effort to fill up their livings.

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  1. Tolerance

Since almost inhabitants of Jakarta come from various regions and tribes, they embrace the different beliefs. In Jakarta, you could find the biggest cathedral and also biggest mosque in Indonesia. Here you could learn how people tolerate each other. They don’t have any problem for all those differences. Even, they can live side by side really well.

  1. National Monument

National monument is a memorial monument to commemorate the struggle of the former Indonesians against the colonialism. It is located in Lapangan Medan Merdeka, Central Jakarta. In addition to the monument, there is also established a museum that tells the experience of Indonesia seized the independence. Here you could learn so many things about the history of how Indonesia got the independence. (Read also: Indonesian Independence Day Celebrations)

  1. The entertainment industry

Since it is the biggest city in Indonesia, Jakarta becomes the center of entertainment industry. You could find a lot of entertainment industries such as film production, advertisement office, or even big musical studio. There you could learn how entertainment industry becomes the most prestigious place to work in Indonesia. That is why it is easy for someone who works at the entertainment industry to earn money.

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  1. 33 traditional houses in a place

You must be curious how you could see 33 traditional houses just in a place located in Jakarta. Yap, you must visit TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah). This is the legendary place that everyone should visit. There, you could learn the various traditional houses in Indonesia. You could even enter the buildings that duplicated exactly the same with the original house in 33 provinces of Indonesia.

  1. The History of Batavia

Learning something new in your life could make your thought more open. It is no fault if you want to learn the history of Batavia. Batavia is actually the former name of Jakarta. Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia has kept a very long history, even to prehistoric times.

This journey of history can still be learned and enjoy in Fatahillah Museum, located in the Kota Tua area, or precisely in Jalan Taman Fatahillah Number 2, West Jakarta. Here you can browse the various historical relics of Jakarta since prehistoric times, the heyday of the port of Sunda Kelapa, the era of colonization, down to the period after independence. (Read also: History of Jakarta)

  1. Classical art craft

If you an art craft lover, you could visit art and ceramics museum in Jakarta. The name of the museum is Museum Seni Rupa Dan Keramik Jakarta. Jakarta Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics is a museum located within Kota Tua tourism area in West Jakarta. It is located at one complex with Museum Fatahillah. This place was originally dedicated primarily to display and educate about traditional art and ceramics from Indonesia. Hopefully, the tourists would enjoy learning the art craft in this museum. (Read also: Art and Culture of Jakarta)

  1. Classic money in Indonesia

Still located in Kota Tua Jakarta, you could learn the classic money in Indonesia in Museum Bank Indonesia. If you are interested of how money is made in Indonesia, and also its history, it would be the suitable place. You could learn many things such as the way Indonesian money was made, the year was made and also the payment method existed year by year in Indonesia.

Those are the things you can learn Jakarta. Now, you have changed your mindset that Jakarta is not as bad as you think, right? There, you could also learn to increase the level of your patience while you are caught in a traffic jam. So, see you in Jakarta!