14 Things Must not do in Bali Indonesia

Bali is a great holiday destination for a solo traveler, couple, honeymooners or even family activities in Bali Indonesia. However, there are things you cant things that you can do and things you should never do in Bali Indonesia that needs some alarming. South East Asia has law, tradition, and habit of its own. Moreover, the mild social […]

17 Rights of a Citizen in Indonesia

As a good and law-abiding Indonesian citizen, it has become our duty to obey and implement all rights of a citizen in Indonesia properly and correctly. Many aspects we can do in exercising our right as a good citizen, for that matter then on this occasion will be discussed rights of a citizen in Indonesia […]

Halal Regulation in Indonesia – Obligations

When it comes to selling your products in Indonesia, one must consider in obtaining the halal certification. The certification will allow the Muslim consumers in Indonesia to consume products that are not forbidden according to the Islamic Law. These consumers often ask companies or check on the products for the halal logo. So here are […]

Alcohol Regulations in Indonesia You Must Know

In almost of western country, drinking alcohol sometimes is a need. You can find alcohol as easy as you want, as long as you have been up to 18 years old. However, you would find the different things in Indonesia. The usage of alcohol in Indonesia is very limited. Moreover, almost of Indonesians embrace Islam […]

13 Rules When You Visit Indonesian Museum

Visiting the museum can be a very enjoyable trip. It is one of the Things Not to Miss in Indonesia. In museum, there are various things that you can see, such as paintings, archaeological objects, dioramas, and some even will show the latest technology. While in Indonesia, it is no fault to visit the museum sometimes. If […]

10 Typical Work Hours in Indonesia

Based on the regulations of the Government through the Worker’s Act No.13 of 2003, which regulates the regulation of working hours. Regarding this matter, it is clearly stated the article number Forty-four of Law 13, Year in 2003 on Workers, particularly Article 77 until Article 85 UUK ( Labour Laws ). in the article explained about working […]

15 Types Of Laws In Indonesia – Characteristics

Each country certainly has a different legal base, even with the same goals and missions. In Indonesia itself there are several types of laws that apply, both general and legal law internationally. The legal basis is made so that all actions and deeds that are not in accordance with the rule to get justice, by […]

17 Restricted Things to Avoid in Lombok

Lombok can be categorized as a place with people who uphold their cultural habit up high. There are still many tribe who care about manners and good habits. Here are some things to avoid in Lombok: Visiting Gunung Wayang Island When you are planning on enjoying your time while in Lombok by going to the […]

20 Common Rules for Marriage in Indonesia

Almost 99% Indonesian people will get married in the age of 19 until 20 years old, many Indonesian people decided to marriage although they are still young and have opportunity to get more benefit career. There some factors that make some younger want to marriage, like they already have relationship for many years, their parents […]

13 Smoking Rules in Indonesia You Must Obey

Smoking is said to bring pleasure to those who smoke cigarettes. It’s a habit that is hard to kill even though there are many risks and diseases in Indonesia link to it. There are people all over the world who smoke cigarettes. Every country has their own set of rules for smokers to follow through. […]