7 Reasons Why Indonesians Love Football So Much

In previous articles, we have read about history of basketball in Indonesia. Now, we will see about another sport which is also considered as one of the most popular sports in the world. That is football. Indonesians are crazy about sports, especially football. Football, like badminton in Indonesia, is one of the most favorite sports […]

5 Most Popular Sport for Children in Indonesia

Indonesia always have good spirit about sports, locally or internationally Indonesia has achievements that sometimes even the people in the country don’t know about it but it is recognized worldwide. Indonesia always participate in Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games, Olympic Games and others. The athletes who participate in this events comes from different provinces in […]

10 Annual Run Festival In Indonesia You Should Join

Running activity has been rising its popularity these past few years. In fact, millennials are very interested in this activity. Many sport event that includes fun run will be crowded by many young people. Running is a cheap sport activity, yet very effective in shaping your healthy life. Moreover, many organization has been doing various […]

7 Best Time And Place To Surf in Indonesia

Surfing is a popular sport known as riding a wave. It’s a bit challenging, but most people seem to love doing it. This ancient sport firstly introduced to America in 1928 by George Freeth. In fact, this sport is founded in 1778 by Captain Cook in Polynesian region. While this sport seems to be easy, […]

Guide to Diving in Komodo Island Indonesia – All You Need to Know

Hello folks, we back again to Facts of Indonesia.com to talk some more about Indonesian gorgeous attractions only on our beloved site. Previously, we talked about the random things about Bali island like the best attractions for adventurers, the best bars, and even the romantic places that you can have while having your vacation on […]

13 Tips To Do Scuba Diving in Raja Ampat Indonesia

For those of you who like the world of diving, surely you really want to do the sport wherever the location is. One of the locations that you should try is in Raja Ampat, besides its exotic place, there are also many interesting dive sites. Hence the useful guides to do scuba diving in Bali […]

15 Useful Guides to Do Scuba Diving in Bali – All You Need to Know

Hello everyone, back again to the island of Bali to talk some more about the wonderful attractions of interesting activities you can do on this very island. So, aside from telling you about some beautiful attractions on our previous lists like the must see things in East Bali, best attractions in Pandawa, and others, now […]

12 Water Activities in Bali Indonesia You Will Enjoy

For those who like the beach, of course it’s a pity not to go to Bali. An island which is famous for its tropical temperature, is the champion of beach tourism. Bali has many beautiful beaches, with white sand and bluish sea but beach in Bali is not only for swimming or enjoying the sunset. […]

Visiting The Recommended Bali Surf Spots

Back again in the Heavenly Island of Bali, an island with so many interesting nicknames such as a high tolerant island, The Island of Divines, and so on. Aside from those, this island is also popular for its amazing locations, like Tanjung Benoa for example. In that very place, you can have so many kinds […]

The History of Surfing in Bali

Surfing has become one of the main activities in Bali since surfers first came to the island in the middle of the last century. Bali is on the agenda of every surfer, whether you are a beginner who wants to try the rising tide through your first surfing lesson, or a skilled surfer who wants […]