10 Most Well-Known Indonesian Badminton Players

One of the well-known Indonesian sports is badminton. Sometimes we wonder why badminton is popular in Indonesia, but there are a lot of achievements from Indonesian badminton players.

For several years in the past, Indonesia has a lot of best achievements in badminton.

Badminton in Indonesia is pretty popular and becomes more popular now.

This makes us so proud of Indonesia and this is a list of most well-known Indonesian badminton players.

1. Susi Susanti

susi susanti

It seems like everybody knows who Susi Susanti is, because she is the pioneer in raising Indonesia’s badminton world.

As badminton is one of popular sports in Indonesia, everybody adore her because of her achievements.

She won so many achievements in Piala Sudirman (1989), Barcelona Olympic (1992), Atlanta Olympic (1996), All England, Indonesia Open, and many more.

But she decided to retire in 1998 because of some reason.

Now, she is focusing to develop her business in producing badminton apparel with her husband, Alan Budikusuma.

2. Alan Budikusuma

alan budikusuma

Known as Susi Susanti’s husband, Alan has a lot of achievements that will make us so proud. He started playing badminton since 7 years old.

As time went by, Alan became so talented in playing badminton and at the right time, he finally won a lot of championships, such as the Dutch Open, Thailand Open, German Open, until Barcelona Olympic.

In 1996, Alan retired from badminton’s world after Atlanta Olympic.

3. Tontowi Ahmad

tontowi ahmad

Yes, we know that this athlete is pretty famous because of his talent and also his appearance.

His cool appearance and his gentleness blend so well and make every his fans become crazier than ever.

Tontowi Ahmad started to be popular since he got his partner in playing badminton with Lilyana Natsir. In 2005, he joined PB Djarum Club in Kudus.

Tontowi got a lot of achievements in SEA Games, BWF in Scotland, Ghuangzou, Jakarta, and many more. 

4. Taufik Hidayat

taufik hidayat

All right, we have heard this name thousands of times and still excited to know more about this badminton superstar.

We know it so well that badminton is one of most popular sport for children in Indonesia, and Taufik Hidayat had a lot of young fans, too.

Taufik Hidayat started his career by joining SGS Elektrik Bandung Club.

He won the gold medal in Athena Olympic (2004) and made him become so popular from that time.

In 2005, he got so much love from Indonesian citizens because he was a world winner in badminton.

5. Anthony Ginting

anthony ginting

Several times ago, Anthony became viral and got tons of love from Indonesia.

Anthony started his career since he was just an elementary kid. He joined SGS PLN Bandung that makes him more talented than ever.

In his childhood, he had won MILO School Competition in badminton championship (2008). In 2012, Anthony got more achievement in badminton world.

Then, Anthony started to participate in Indonesia Open Grand Prix Gold, Maldives International Challenge, BWF World Junior Championship, and many more.

From that time, Anthony’s achievements are increasing so rapidly.

6. Jonathan Christie

jonathan christie

Are you one of Jonathan Christie’s fans? If you are, so you may have heard about Jonathan dozens of times and still excited to hear more information about him.

He is 22 years old now and part of PB Tangkas Specs, Jakarta.

In 2013, he gots his first international achievement in Indonesia International Challenge.

From that time, he is becoming more popular, especially in Asian Games 2018.

7. Ribka Sugiarto

ribka sugiarto

Ribka Sugiarto is a woman Indonesian badminton player in doubles.

She was born 20 years ago, on January 22nd. This ‘Karanganyar woman’ started her career by joining Djarum Club in 2013. 

Ribka had won a gold medal at the 2018 Asian Junior Championships with her partner, Febriana Dwipuji Kusuma. 

8. Fajar Alfian

fajar alfian

Fajar Alfian is badminton player from Bandung. This 24 years old young man was born on 7th Maret, 1995.

He is such an awesome Indonesian badminton player, specializing in doubles. He started his career in PB SGS PLN Bandung.

Then, he decided to join PBSI since 2014. He got a silver medal in Asian Games 2018 with Muhammad Rian Ardianto.

9. Debby Susanto

debby susanto

Debby Susanto is such a young talented badminton player. Her best partner in playing double is Praveen Jordan.

First match that she did was World Junior Championship 2006 in Korea.

The best match she ever had was German Junior 2007 because she got a highest title.

10. Greysia Polii

greysia polii

Now, she is 32 years old and still increasing her skill in badminton. Her first big match was Piala Uber Indonesia since 2004 and 2008.

Since 2008, she changed her partner to Nitya Krishinda Maheswari, and now she is partnering with Apriyani Rahayu

So, that’s all most well-known Indonesian badminton players that we know.

One of facts about Indonesian sport is Indonesia has a lot of talented athletes.

They are so talented and full of passion. So, who is your favorite?