8 Examples of Popular Merger Company in Indonesia

Mergers can be interpreted as absorption from and by one company to another. In that case, the buyer will continue the identity and the name of the company in the purchase. As a buyer, they will acquire assets and bear the obligations owned by the company purchased. After a merger then a company that has […]

12 Type of Business Entity in Indonesia

A business entity is an organizational and economic entity that has the purpose of obtaining profits or profits and providing services to the community. Or it can say that it is a juridical, technical and economic entity that has a purpose to seek profit or profit. A business activity that stands with the status of […]

13 Reasons of Inflation in Indonesia

Inflation is defined as an increase in the general price level. In other words, the price of goods and services such as housing, clothing, food, transportation, and fuel should increase so that inflation occurs in the economy as a whole. If the price is just some kind of goods or service increases, there is not […]

10 Interesting Startups in Indonesia (#8 is Unique)

Startup is a new business, just looking for a sustainable business form. Usually startup business is synonymous with business that correlated with internet, website, and technology. These companies are mostly newly established companies and are in a phase of development and research to find the right markets. The term “startup” became popular internationally during the […]

13 Importance of Entrepreneurship Development in Indonesia

Entrepreneurship is the ability of a risk manager to optimize all available resources, whether material, intellectual, time, and his ability to produce a product or business that is useful to him and to others. Currently, the government is intensively conducting entrepreneurship development so that Indonesian youth can improve their quality through entrepreneurship. No matter, the […]

17 Social Factors Effecting Business in Indonesia

Business is one of the economic aspects that can affect the social and cultural circumstances of a country. Business is growing rapidly certainly not only stand by itself but driven with various aspects. Aspects are developments and advancements that can make a business fast-paced, even able to create extensive jobs. So with the business, a lot […]

12 Reasons Why is Indonesia Good for Business

Indonesia is a country with the great of potential for its natural resources. This beneficial thing would lead Indonesia to have the great positions for economy. Besides, the tremendous of economy growth in Indonesia could be one support to create a business in Indonesia. This country is also considered as one of the leading ASEAN […]

13 Foreign Investment Rules in Indonesia

You might be interested in having foreign investment in Indonesia due to its current economic growth. It may also because of other business opportunities. However, to start investing in Indonesia is not an easy task especially if you are inexperienced. There are many rules and laws to obey while you are investing in the country. […]

13 Ways How to Start A Business in Bali

There is a large number of tourists coming into Bali each year. Annually, Bali receives more than 5 million tourists. These people are always in Bali to have a good time and enjoy the best service that Bali has to offer. If you are someone who is looking for a good business opportunity then Bali […]

13 Business Rules in Indonesia You Must Know

When attending to business matters in Indonesia, there are several things that are extremely tied to the Cultural Habits in Indonesia. Moreover, social norms also a crucial aspect as well. Carrying out business projects is no laughing matter. The way you dress, behave and talk to your business partners can either make you or break you. […]