10 Interesting Startups in Indonesia (#8 is Unique)

Startup is a new business, just looking for a sustainable business form. Usually startup business is synonymous with business that correlated with internet, website, and technology. These companies are mostly newly established companies and are in a phase of development and research to find the right markets. The term “startup” became popular internationally during the dot-com bubble, during which many dot-com companies were established simultaneously. In today’s digital era, a lot of startups have sprung up in various service areas in Indonesia. Here are some interesting startups in Indonesia

  1. Bridestory

Bridestory is a wedding vendor company that has made dreams of more than 100,000 couples come true. This is a startup which is aware that marriage is a business field that is immune to recession. People in Asia will always be married without too much attention to the existing economic conditions. Since it was first inaugurated, Bridestory continues to grow.

Even now they are working with MediaCorp from Singapore to expand into other Southeast Asian countries. The users reach 410,000 people per month, and they claim to have 10,000 vendors. Many Indonesian artist and actors use their service to come up their wedding. It such a great startup!

  1. Tokopedia

Tokopedia is one of the largest buying and selling sites or marketplace in Indonesia that managed to eliminate the bulkhead between consumers and producers. In its work, Tokopedia won the Marketers of The Year award at the 2015 Markplus Conference event that held by Markplus Inc.

In 2016, tokopedia was selected as Best Company in the Consumer Industry Digital Economy Award 2016. Not only got the award, Tokopedia also managed to get funding from various multinational companies.

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  1. GO-JEK

PT Karya Karya Karya Bangsa or better known as GO-JEK is a technology company from Indonesia that serves transportation through motorcycle taxi service. The company was founded in 2010 in Jakarta by Nadiem Makarim.

Currently, GO-JEK is already available in 50 cities in Indonesia. Until June 2016, the GO-JEK app has been downloaded nearly 10 million times on Google Play on the Android operating system. Currently it is also available for iOS, in the App Store. Although there are plans to expand to other countries, until now GO-JEK is still only available in Indonesia.

  1. aCommerce

aCommerce is engaged in the field of e-commerce logistics and procurement. They also proved to be able to become a credible company in the field. This is evidenced by the number of large clients who have worked with them. One of them is MatahariMall, Lippo Group, and Sinar Mas.

aCommerce had made a record as a company that received the largest A series funding in Indonesia with an investment of USD 10.7 Million or approximately Rp 144.4 Billion. aCommerce is a start-up company from Thailand and makes Indonesia their biggest operating area.

  1. eFishery

eFishery is a startup company engaged in the field of management of commercial fish ponds. eFishery offers an automated fish feeding product that can be installed by pool owners in their business premises. eFisher is also able to detect the appetite of the fish and if necessary can remove the feed automatically.

With the solution provided by eFishery they claim to be able to reduce the cost of feed that has been issued by many fish businessmen in the pond. This is because giving fish feed is the biggest cost of the business of fish livestock, which can take the portion of the cost reaches 80% of total business cost.

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  1. Zeemi.tv

This start-up provides a live streaming service that can be enjoyed by the family and allows all people without age restrictions to display their work directly here. Not only that, through Zeemi.tv its users can get various prizes for each work they give and exchange it in the form of cash.

Zeemi.tv was founded by Tom Damek who is a former CEO of Lazada Indonesia. So he must be very familiar with the local market situation in Indonesia. Continuing in terms of funding, Zeemi.tv is currently getting funding from DeNa, Japan for USD 1 Million or about Rp 13.5 Billion.

  1. Bukalapak

Bukalapak is one of the leading online marketplaces in Indonesia. Just as a buying and selling service site provides a means of buying and selling from consumers to consumers. Anyone can open an online store in Bukalapak and serve buyers from all over Indonesia for many or many unit transactions. Bukalapak has an easy and reliable online trading slogan because Bukalapak provides a 100% money back guarantee to the buyer if the goods are not delivered by the seller.

Bukalapak is part of PT. Creative Media The work of a group founded by Ahmad Zacky in 2010 and soon growing rapidly in 2014. From year to year, Bukalapak always get the award from various parties.

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  1. Buddy Guard

Buddy Guard is present to popularize the effort of environmental security system in the neighborhood citizens – by utilizing digital technology of course. Buddy Guard has an app that works like an emergency button (panic Button), when someone feels that his safety is being threatened, he will press the button to notify other Buddy Guard app users to act immediately.

Not only as an emergency button other functions of this application include family members monitor, emergency phone number searcher, create group siskamling (environmental security system) between users, monitor whether a group is left behind or missing through the Tour-Guard feature.

  1. Mallsampah

This startup was founded by Adi Saifullah Putra in 2017. Mallsampah is a startup from Makasar that focuses on waste management in the area of houses and offices. Born from an urge to create a better waste management environment, Mallsampah tries to shift people’s waste disposal through campaigns to turn trash into blessings. They have a mission so that everyone can sell, recycle, and manage waste easily, free and profitable, so people do not make more garbage.

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  1. Mendekor

This startup was founded by Brian Karno Jan to facilitate users get inspiration in creating decoration both room and certain events. Mendekor is an e-commerce that provides a variety of furniture and room decor made by local crafters. Some of the features in Mendekor include decoration ideas based on room type, design style (Scandinavian, industrial, and vintage). The intuitive and simple categorization feature design makes it easy for users to explore more features.

Those are the ten interesting startups in Indonesia. Hopefully, there would be more startups from Indonesia that go international. This kind of business might be the trend for Indonesian youngster in the future.