5 Most Beautiful Churches in Indonesia

Being a crucial place for spiritual essence, have you ever considered seeing a church from its artistic aspect? Have you ever wondered that some churches you passed by along the road apparently have such unique designs that you might not realize? Though not to opt-out its original purpose as a place for Christians’ prayers, yet […]

The List of 15 Historical Churches in Indonesia

You know, Indonesia is blessed with diversity. This not-so-small country is filled with dozens of island, scattered all over the archipelago, standing with their own unique identity under the same flag. Religions are also the other aspects that you can find so special from Indonesia. Not only Islam, but you can also find the other […]

8 Famous Religious Places in Indonesia You don’t Want to Miss

It’s not satisfied to visit abroad, if the tourist attractions in the country alone have not been traced. It’s never endless when talking about tourism potential in Indonesia. Ethnic, cultural and religious diversity is a factor that makes Indonesia rich in tourist attractions. Indonesia is a country inhabited by various religions and beliefs. Besides being […]

History of Christianity in Indonesia in Indonesia

In this special occasion we’re gonna talk about the history of Christian in Indonesia, including the developments. Now, talking about history of Christianity here, the religion believed to be around when the European came to Indonesia, you know when Portuguese and Dutch came here. The catholic one is believed to be carried by the Portuguese […]