5 Most Beautiful Cities in Indonesia

Our country of Indonesia is a large one—extending from Sabang to Merauke, filled with numerous lands and seas. Along this territorial of Indonesia lies 34 provinces, and a total of 98 cities. Enriched with diverse nature and many travel destinations, no wonder many cities in Indonesia have become a sophisticated place for tourism. Out of […]

3 Reasons Why Bandung Called Paris in Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java in Indonesia, it is 180 kilometers away from Indonesian capital city, Jakarta.This is the fourth most populous city in Indonesia, after Jakarta, Bekasi and Surabaya. Bandung is populer for its cooler climate and surrounding natural beauty, also it is a place for the weekend getaway to do some […]

Top 10 Best Five Star Hotel in Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java with many stunning natural attractions. If you are familiar with Bandung, you are definitely no stranger to a cool city and friendly locals. Not only that, Bandung is also famous for some very tasty traditional Sundanese food. If you want to vacation in Bandung for a few days, […]

Top 12 Best Family Vacation in Jakarta

 Jakarta, the capital of the country has its own magnet for many people. It is no wonder that the number of migrants continues to increase every year. There are many tourism object in Jakarta that make people more and more visit Jakarta. Tourist destinations in Jakarta can be a means of recreation for local and […]

15 Famous Cities in Indonesia You Must Visit

Many people in the world are very interested in visiting Indonesia. Some sources even released that one of the islands in Indonesia called Bali is the most visited place in the world. In fact, there are so many other interesting places in Indonesia that are equally interesting from Bali. As we know that Indonesia consists […]

Recommended Places of Where to Spend Christmas in Indonesia

Christmas is always be awaiting moment for all of Christians in the world. The happiness during the Christmas will no felt completed without having your family. Sometimes you get confused to decide where you spend your Christmas without losing the Christmas moment with your family. You might feel bored to visit Vatican or Paris, so […]

12 Best Nightlife in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a city of memories for some people. Once you visit here, you might miss to come back. Not only a tourist city, Yogyakarta is a magnet for both local and foreign tourists. The combination of cultural elements and stunning natural scenery, makes millions of people from all corners of Indonesia and even the […]

Exploring The Must Visit Cities in Bali

We can agree together that Bali island is one of the best things in Indonesia. This island is also one of the provinces in the country with its capital, Denpasar. The island itself located on the area of Nusa Tenggara islands. The island of Bali also included inside a group of islands named Sunda Kecil […]

10 Historical Record of Worst Flood in Indonesia

Flood disasters are common in Indonesia, especially in densely populated lowland areas such as Jakarta. Basically floods occur because of human actions themselves which do not care for the environment properly. In recent years, several regions in Indonesia have been hit by major flooding which left thousands of people homeless and dozens of people dead. […]

10 Famous Bridge in Indonesia – Stunning and Beautiful

Bridges are building structures made to cross rivers, straits, ravines or highways. Bridges are also built for pedestrian crossings, two- or four-wheeled vehicles or trains. In Indonesia, many bridges are built across rivers or straits to shorten the distance or facilitate relations between a region to another. In Indonesia alone there are thousands of bridges […]