History and Philosophy of Indonesian Flag

Indonesian flag has color red and white in horizontal direction. It was tailored in 1944 before Indonesia announced its independence day in August 17th, 1945 by Indonesia’s first president’s wife Sukmawati. The original flag is knitted by hand since there wasn’t many shewing machine back in the day. It’s also used in the main ceremony […]

The Chronological History of the Dutch in Bali

Bali was recorded to become one of the colonialized islands during the Dutch rule in Indonesia. The colonial system of the Dutch in Indonesia was so cruel and greedy. Although Bali is a small island with a narrow area, but the island has several kingdoms such as the Kingdom of Buleleng and Karangasem so that […]

The Indonesian Proclamation History

Many events that occurred before Indonesian independence were proclaimed. In this series of events, there are many lessons you can learn to love the country more. To recall the history of Indonesia’s proclamation of independence, it is important to refer to various important events, which occurred during the following moments of proclamation. So, read them […]

12 Long Term Effects of Imperialism in Indonesia

Imperialism is a policy in which a large state can take control or governance over other regions so that the country can be nurtured or developed. It was noted, there are 3 major nations that first perform the activities of colonialism and imperialism in Indonesia. The three nations are Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch. Moreover, […]

The Brief History of Dutch Colonization in Indonesia

The Dutch colonialism in Indonesia was noted as the long period of colonialism ever. It had occurred for 350 years. Dutch in Indonesia is inseparable from the success of Portuguese and Spanish in finding the source of spices in the archipelago. Before coming to Indonesia, Dutch merchants usually buy spices in Lisbon (the Portuguese capital). […]