The Indonesian Proclamation History

Many events that occurred before Indonesian independence were proclaimed. In this series of events, there are many lessons you can learn to love the country more. To recall the history of Indonesia’s proclamation of independence, it is important to refer to various important events, which occurred during the following moments of proclamation. So, read them to get to know about Indonesian Proclamation history.

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  1. Japan’s Defeat Against the Allies

On August 6-9, 1945, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by allies. Causing Japan to surrender to the United States. The change of name of BPUPKI to PPKI (Panita Preparing for Indonesian Independence). The fighters, such as Bung Karno, Hatta, and Radjiman Wedyodiningrat, 3 were flown to Vietnam to meet Terarsi marshal. Describing that Japan was destructing, but Japan wants that Indonesian Independence was proclaimed on August 24, 1945. This chance was used by Indonesia to prepare the proclamation.

2. Japan wanted Indonesian Independence was a gift

On August 10, 1945, Sutan Syahrir heard the news that Japan had surrendered to the allies. And they prepare in proclaiming Indonesian Independence, as well as refusing a prize from Japan. The next day, After 3 independence fighters Sukarno, Hatta, and Radjiman Wedyodiningrat conduct a discussion to marshals Terauchi in Vietnam. Top through Japan, Marshal told the 3 fighters that the proclamation of Independence can be held within a few days.

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3. Japan surrender without any requirements

On this occasion, Japan finally surrendered unconditionally on August 14, 1945. Through this event the history of the proclamation of Indonesian independence began, precisely after allies announced to the world on August 15, 1945, that Japan has surrendered. Indonesia which status was still colonized by Japanese at that time felt like getting fresh air. This was due to a power vacuum when the Japanese surrender to the allies.

With the emptiness of power, then the internal conflict arose in Indonesian nation. It was the difference of opinion between the young people and the old group about independence. Young people with a burning spirit argued that independence must be immediately implemented, but the older group would prefer to wait until the proclamation of independence plan was established and formulated by the PPKI members.

From the stronghold of the youth group consists of B. Diah, Joseph Kunto, Wikana, Sayuti Melik, Adam Malik, and Chaerul Saleh. Meanwhile the old group consists of Ir.Soekarno, Drs.Moh.Hatta, Ahmad Subardjo, and Moh. Yamin.

4. Rengasdengklok Incident

The next there was also an incident called Rengasdengklok incident. This incident is was an important part of the history of the proclamation of Indonesian independence, when Bung Karno and Bung Hatta were evacuated or abducted by young people to Rengasdengklok in Karawang on 16 August 1945 at 04.00 in the morning. Rengasdengklok city was chosen because it felt the most secure.

The reason Bung Karno and Bung Hatta evacuated was not to get influenced by Japan. By doing this evacuation, the younger groups got more space to force them to hasten the independence of Indonesia. They hoped that it can escape completely from the Japanese occupation.

In conclusion, the youth wanted Indonesian independence proclaimed that day, but Bung Karno already had his own considerations. He said that the date would be on August 17, 1945. It was considered as the appropriate time.

5. The process of making some compliments in Proclamation

After the agreement between the young and the old (on the same day when Bung Karno and Bung Hatta were evacuated to Rengasdengklok), they were taken by the entourage to the house of Admiral Maeda in Jakarta, precisely on Jl. Iman Bonjol No.1 Jakarta.

In that house, here was the text of proclamation formulated. The process of formulation until the new signing had been completed at 04.00 am. The manuscript of his own proclamation was written directly by Bung Karno, typed by Sayuti Melik, and signed by Bung Karno and Bung Hatta.

From the process of debate, refuge to the formulation of the text proclamation text, there many things we can learn. Despite the fierce debate, both are willing to lower the ego to find a middle ground of these differences of opinion. It was for Indonesian independence.

Their desire for the independence was higher than their ego. This is where once again the history of the proclamation of Indonesian independence deserves to be imitated by the people of Indonesia to this day.

6. The day when the proclamation text was read

The long-awaited day finally came too, on which Indonesian independence was proclaimed. It was the day when Indonesia was free from all sorts of colonialism. Through the independence, Indonesia stands as an independent country. It was on Friday, August 17, 1945 when in the month of Ramadan in Islamic calendar. The content of the proclamation itself was a statement that the Indonesian nation declares its independence.The reading of the proclamation was held at the home of Bung Karno, precisely on Jl. Pegangsaan Timur 56 Jakarta.

Beginning in the early hours, everyone had been very busy preparing for everything related to the proclamation of independence. They were preparing loudspeakers, sewing flags, till preparing the flag pole.

The flag directly stitched by the wife of Bung Karno, Mrs. Fatmawati. The history of the proclamation of Indonesian independence lasted only 1 hour. When Bung Karno read the proclamation text, everyone listened to him solemnly. And some time after the proclamation was read, there was a request that the proclamation text reading be repeated. This was because they wanted to hear it directly. But Bung Karno refused, because according to him the proclamation of independence can only be read once for all eternity.

7. A month after proclamation was read

To always remember the history of the proclamation of Indonesian independence, then on September 19 1945, it was held a large meeting on the field of Ikada. In addition, this meeting was aimed to meet the government of the Republic of Indonesia with the citizens directly.

The people hopefully could be more confident to be the part of Republic Indonesia since the country has been free from any colonialism. The government started to set the compliments of their new born country, such as the constitution, the goal, and the ideology of the country. Then Indonesia decided to choose Soekarno (Bung Karno) as their president and Bung Hatta as their vice president.

Those are the long history of proclamation in Indonesia. The proclamation finally became the real start to build Indonesia independently. There would be no longer the fear of murder, war, even the colonialism power. Hopefully since that day Indonesia could develop into the really stunning country.

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