5 Things about Pesantren culture in Madura

Pesantren is a traditional education in Indonesia, where the students live together and learn under the guidance of a teacher or known as Kiai. There is a boarding house for the santri to stay in which is inside a complex, there is also a mosque, room for studying and other religious activities. Pesantren is a […]

5 Things about Madura Bull Racing

Madura culture are generally similar to Java, it can be said that it belongs to the Java, Bali, Madura and Sunda family. Madurese is known to be conditioned in part by the harsh landscape and climate. The people of Madura are well known for their straightforwardness and direct approach, especially in their manner of speech. […]

7 Things Only You Can Find in Jogja

Jogja is also know as Yogyakarta, it is popular among Indonesia that it is an unforgettable city. While in Jogja you can have budgeted backpacker trip or even have a luxurious holiday. There are a range of places, food and moments that you can have in Jogja, let us see 7 things only you can […]

The List of 13 Things You Must Not Do in East Java during Ramadhan

Still related to the month of Ramadhan, we want to give you another article about this special month. You know, during these three days fasting time, the Muslims are devoting to the God Almighty with ways that they believe. Aside from the fasting, they also do the other religious activities such as reciting Quran, I’tikaf, […]

The 20 Facts About Indonesian Slang Words You Should Know

So, after talking about the richness of Indonesia in the religion, culture, and history on our previous articles, now we want to take you closer to the life of Indonesian people. Today, we want to give you information about the Indonesian slang words. Seems to be an interesting topic, doesn’t it? Just like any other […]

Exploring The 17 Strange Rituals Only in Indonesia

For now, let’s dive into the one identity of our beloved country, Indonesia. In this country, things that sound magical and mystical still growing massively. People are still doing this kind of stuff even though modernization is face to face with them. Technology and science can’t stop them to continue doing what they do. Read […]

15 Cultural Attractions in North Sumatra – Best Ones You Should Visit

As said above in our article of attractions in Bali for an adventurer, today we want to give you the topic about cultural attraction. In the previous articles, most of the topics are natural attractions and the culinary stuff. Now it’s time to dig more to the new topic of cultural attractions in Indonesia. Read […]

13 Best Place in Bali for Solo Traveler

Bali or the “island of the Gods”, serves a paradise for everyone. People can enjoy many activities in the island. Not only that, this place provides family activities in Bali Indonesia. Bali also famous as a wedding venue in Bali and very suitable for couples and honeymoon destinations. Moreover, the tropical haven is a great travel […]

14 Culture Shocks In Bali You Must Experience Once

Speaking of Bali, it will never be enough to just discuss the city. Because there are many interesting things that can make you shaken to wonder what can be enjoyed while in Bali. For those of you who are curious about culture shocks in Bali, you must experience once. Hence things you must not do in […]

10 Beautiful Royal Palaces in Indonesia  You can Visit

Indonesia is one country with thousands of historic relics. Before the formation of the Republic of Indonesia, this region was an area consisting of several kingdoms with the Most Beautiful Royal Palace which still stands even though it is hundreds of years old. In fact, you can visit it as your tourist destination. Some of […]