14 Culture Shocks In Bali You Must Experience Once

Speaking of Bali, it will never be enough to just discuss the city. Because there are many interesting things that can make you shaken to wonder what can be enjoyed while in Bali. For those of you who are curious about culture shocks in Bali, you must experience once. Hence things you must not do in Bali Indonesia.

You can find interesting things that will make your vacation memorable while in Bali. Besides enjoying culture, customs, travel, the food you can also enjoy other entertainment that you don’t get anywhere else. To find out what can make you shaken in Bali, here’s an example that you can know:

Positive Culture

1. Friendly and Smiling Residents

Balinese people are famous for having a friendly attitude. This is what makes the tourists feel at home and surprised because they are so well received while in Bali. This attitude of the Balinese population is a positive impression for anyone who visits, but it is also easy to get along with other residents, so visitors feel safe and comfortable joining local residents in Bali.  The following are the things to do in Bali For young adults.

2. High Religious Tolerance

Culture shocks in Bali, you must experience once more, Balinese people have a high tolerance attitude. Any religion in Bali helps each other and respects each other. During religious ceremonies in Bali, all religion help. Thus creating a peaceful and gated religious life.

3. Respect and Maintain Nature

In addition, Balinese people are very well known for their attitude and culture that loves nature. They are able to protect and protect nature from damage or irresponsible human actions. This can be seen from various well-preserved natural tourist attractions that are also able to be preserved neatly, cleanly, and beautifully. Balinese people are known as citizens who like and respect nature, it is a form of obedience to the creator. You can do the things to do in Bali when It rains.

4. Have Unique Rituals

It is no stranger to all visitors in Bali when they see and discover the unique form of religious rituals. Especially Hinduism, they have religious rituals that are quite interesting and unique. Many foreign tourists are curious and surprised by the Balinese tradition. Because they only found this only in Bali, ceremonies for small children until people die all have traditions. So, if you visit Bali, you must witness the uniqueness of this.

5. Upholding Customary and Cultural Values

Culture shocks in Bali, you must experience once more, then the Balinese people highly uphold their customs and culture. No wonder if you go to Bali don’t ever break the rules there, because this can be sanctioned. The people there are so obedient to tradition, even the days of Nyepi cannot be carried out by anyone. And this must be obeyed by anyone, including foreign tourists too. This is what makes Bali different from other cities in Indonesia, and makes visitors so impressed. Recommendation the things to do in Bali for singles you must try.

6. Attitudes That Help Each Other

One form of cultural wisdom in Bali is the attitude of the people who help each other. This is indicated by every religious ceremony, holiday, environmental preservation and so on. Attitudes that want to help people in need are also felt by the visitors, there are many foreign tourists who are lost but with cultural wisdom and attitudes that make Balinese people not reluctant to help anyone without seeing each other’s differences.

7. Many Offerings Are Placed in Public Places

Culture shocks in Bali, you must experience once more, then you will see so many offerings or offerings placed in public places. Even this is often placed in the middle of the road, or public places that are often visited by many people. However, it should be noted that the dish may not be arbitrarily moved. It must be respected because it is an expression of gratitude to God Almighty. And whoever the person must be able to respect the tradition. You must take attention hence the common streets to avoid in Bali.

8. Ngaben Ceremony for the Dead

The ritual of burning dead bodies known as Ngaben is a form of liberation of the human soul to return to the Creator. Ngaben also became very unique in the presence of replicas of Meru and Ox buildings that were included in the cremation procession. Even some Ngaben processions that are held are quite large by making Meru with dozens of meters high, as one of them in the Puri Ubud family environment is often the center of attention of tourists in Bali. This is unique for visitors who have never seen it.

9. Only in Bali, Corpses Are Not Buried And Fragrant

Trunyan Village is known to have a unique tradition, where ceremonies to bury the bodies of deceased people are simply placed around trees in the forest near their village. Here is not just any tree but taru and menyan trees that are capable of removing enzymes and fragrant smells, so that when the dead body of a person who is placed around the tree will not stink, it will smell good. This is an unusual thing for people other than Balinese. This is the culture of shocks in Bali, you must experience once more.  The best thing that you must do in Legian Bali.

10. Tooth Cut Ceremony in Bali

In the tradition of Hinduism in Bali in particular, when a child begins to enter adolescence or is an adult, he is obliged to carry out a tooth-cutting ceremony. A tooth-cutting ceremony or usually referred to as Mepandes, Metatah or Mesangih is a meaningful ceremony to discover the true nature of a human being detached from the shackles of darkness from the influence of Sad Ripu in human beings. The tooth-cutting ceremony is part of the Balinese traditional ritual, which in essence if the traits are physically trampled on to teenagers can carry out a tooth-cutting ceremony.

The next example of culture shocks in Bali, you must experience once is like this:

  • Women in Bali carry many offerings above their heads, during religious ceremonies many Balinese women, ranging in age from adolescence to adulthood, carry several offerings on their heads, this is a custom and tradition that is commonly practiced in Bali.
  • There is a mass possession festival in Bali, namely a Pengrebongan ritual held at the Petilan Kesiman Temple, 8 days after the Kuningan celebration, is unique because during the procession many Penyungsung Pura (Hindus) experienced possessions. At the same time, dozens of people experienced trance and suddenly screamed hysterically, danced, and thrust daggers into their chests, uniquely they were not hurt at all. Things that wonderful and must see in East Bali.
  •  You can watch the thrill of the sacred rituals of fighting between youth in Tenganan Village using pandan leaves which have thorns or better known as the Pandan War. This ritual was held as a form of respect for the god Indra, the god of war.
  •  Balinese Hindus will parade giant scary faces aka Ogoh – ogoh, circling the village and city road sections. The Ogoh – ogoh is a representation of the character of Bhuta Kala or the evil giant.

Such are some examples of culture shocks in Bali, you must experience once. Hopefully, it will become knowledge for those of you who are or will be on holiday in Bali.