12 Famous Things in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta or more often called Jogja, gets various kinds of nicknames such as Student City, Gudeg City, City of Struggle, City of Tourism, and City of Culture. The role of Yogyakarta City for Indonesia is indeed very large, especially in the period before and after independence, so it is not excessive if the central government […]

12 Famous Landmarks in Bali Indonesia

Landmarks are geographical features both natural and man-made, which are used by travelers and others to find their way back or to navigate. In modern times, landmarks are something that is easily recognizable, such as monuments, buildings or other structures. Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia which is in the Nusa Tenggara Islands […]

13 Famous Park in Bali You Must Visit

Bali is famous for its global tourism. Many people know Bali because of its beautiful culture and beaches. But not only the beaches, mountains and rivers are instagenic, parks in Bali also offer unparalleled beauty. What are the famous parks in Bali? Here are some Famous Park in Bali : 1. Taman Nusa Sidan Taman Nusa […]

13 Famous Destination In Bali

Bali Island is a prima donna of Indonesian tourism which is well known throughout the world. Besides being famous for its natural beauty, especially its beaches, Bali is also famous for its unique and interesting arts and culture. Bali as a complete and integrated tourist destination has many interesting tourist attractions, what are the tourist […]

10 Different Types of Recreation in Bali

Bali is the top list of the most visited place in Indonesia. It is because Bali has a “magnet” that can attract tourists from all of the parts of the world. Some international travelling sites have even marked Bali as the best destination in the world. It is because this island has a variety of […]

10 Best Area in Bali for Families

Bali  is a favorite destinations for almost people in Indonesia. Even it is also becomes the favorite tourism for foreign tourist too. Frequently, there are also a number of tourist that plan or set to have a familiy trip to Bali. Having a family vacations are always wonderful. If Bali becomes your destinations for your […]

15 Reasons Why Indonesia is a Good Place to Visit

Indonesia is a country with favorite tourist destinations in the world. No wonder many foreign tourists who are interested to visit Indonesia. Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded the number of foreign tourists visiting (tourists) who traveled to Indonesia in November 2017 of 1.06 million visits. The number decreased by 8.42 percent compared to the […]

10 Must Do Activities in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the leading tourism place area in Java Island for both domestic and foreign tourists. The proof is this city is always crowded by visitors from out of town, especially during the holidays. There are many magnets that become the attraction of Jogja City. Tourist attractions, culinary, culture and art, as well […]

10 Most Visited Religious Tourism in Indonesia

The diversity of tourist destinations in Indonesia is not just natural beauty, cultural diversity, history, or culinary. There are religious tourisms that are also interested for the travelers from all over the world. It is not something rare that a place of worship became a tourist destination in Indonesia. In these places, you can feel […]

12 Most Visited Historical Tourism in Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its great natural tourism potential. Many domestic and international tourists are busy visiting our country because of this. But, Indonesia also has the potential in the field of historical tourism worthy of your next destination. By visiting these places, you can learn various kinds of history in Indonesia. You will also […]