15 Reasons Why Indonesia is a Good Place to Visit

Indonesia is a country with favorite tourist destinations in the world. No wonder many foreign tourists who are interested to visit Indonesia. Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded the number of foreign tourists visiting (tourists) who traveled to Indonesia in November 2017 of 1.06 million visits.

The number decreased by 8.42 percent compared to the previous month that only reaches 1.15 million visits. But on an annual basis (year-on-year), that number increased by 5.86 percent. Why they are interested to visit Indonesia? Here are the reasons of why Indonesia is a good place to visit.

  1. Have many great destinations

No one will deny that Indonesia has many amazing destinations. You can find various destinations from the coast to the top of the mountain. As an archipelago country, Indonesia also has beautiful beaches with white sand and clear sea. So is with mountains, forests, even certain places can be an attractive destination in Indonesia. Even The Culture Trip released that there are seven best cities in Indonesia such as Bukittinggi, Yogyakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Solo, Malang, and Padang.

  1. The heaven of amazing sunrise

Climbing the mountain is not just an activity to train the body for physical, psychological, or emotional conditions. You can also reach a point great as a bonus, as the examples the mountain tops and sunrise with beautiful clouds of clouds. It is proven that the there are any tourists climbers that have climbed the Mount of Semeru, Rinjani, Kerinci, Merbabu, even Merapi.

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  1. The great taste of culinary

Indonesia is a heaven of delicious culinary of the world. Some foods in Indonesia have even been named the best food in the world. It is rendang, which is named the best food in the world. CNN news website announces Indonesia’s rendang as the world’s number one best-seller food.

This year, CNN re-released the list of 50 world’s best food through 35,000 voting on Facebook social media. And it turns out, Indonesian fried rice also entered into the list. That is why you should come to taste these kinds of culinary with the great taste.

  1. The friendly people

In 2012, Lonely Planet released the list of “World’s Landslide Countries” taken from Lonely Planet’s “1000 Ultimate Experiences” edition. In the list, Indonesia became the world’s most friendly country version of Lonely Planet. It is admitted that the Indonesian people are always taking the time to simply say hello or give a smile. Even for people who are not known though, including to foreign tourists. It would be helpful for those foreigners who want to visit Indonesia and ask for some helps.

  1. The various of cultures and traditions

While you visit Bali, how many traditions have you ever seen? It is more than one exactly. Imagine that Bali is just the small part of Indonesia, while there are still thousands islands and culture that have the different cultures. The Javanese traditions, the Torajan traditions, and Lombok are just the small numbers of other cultures. It could be one of reasons that you would learn the new cultures in Indonesia.

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  1. Cheap accommodation

Many tourists who have lived in Indonesia said that the cost of living in Indonesia is cheaper than in other countries (although for the cost of the tourism is more expensive when compared with neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand). The food prices, transportation costs, shelter, and other necessities are still considered cheaper. However, you should consider of How to Live Cheap in Indonesia.

  1. The good weather

Indonesia has a tropical climate that only has two seasons, the rainy season and drought. The sun is shining all year long and it is well liked by foreign tourists. Indonesia is perfect for tourists who like summer and bask in the sun to feel the warmth of the sun. You should also learn some kinds of weather in Indonesia.

  1. Indonesians people have the great level of acceptance

With its Unity In Diversity motto or known as Bhineka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity), different from one another, Indonesia is well-known as a country with high tolerance for differences, while other countries debate racism, religion, caste, etc. That is why you don’t need to worry if you want to visit Indonesia.

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  1. Something different in Indonesia that you might not find in anywhere else

In Indonesia, you can see the absurdity that is usually done by Indonesians and rarely done by people abroad. For example, for example, Indonesians who ride motorbikes more than two people, the passengers of the train sit at the roof of the train, and motorcycles readers who break the traffic light together, and so on.

  1. The safe country

Indonesia is the safe country. Also the rate is not 100% and you need to be aware of criminal, Indonesia still categorized as the safe country. It is because Indonesia has the great culture that supports the politeness and good characteristic of manner.

  1. Easy to reach the tourism access

Indonesia has a variety of tourist attractions in groups. So that in close proximity, tourists can visit more than one tourist destination. This makes many foreign tourists who are interested to come to Indonesia. In addition to low cost, access to tourist sites is very easy to reach.

  1. The great facility of tourism

The infrastructure in Indonesia is being constructed really well. International airport, hotel, villa, resort, and restaurants are available in most or Indonesia tourism. It could be the good recommendation for those who want to visit Indonesia.

  1. The great number of beaches

Do you like sunbathing? Surfing? Or diving? Don’t worry since you can find many beaches in Indonesia. The beach is the best place to release stress. The sound of waves, wind, and birds are also believed to be the best meditation to pacify the soul. In Indonesia, you do not have to travel too far to find the beach. Various types of beaches with a variety of sand color can be found easily in Indonesia.

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  1. The efficient public services in Indonesia

Where there is money there is a way out. While in other countries managing the important documents will take a much time because they have to queue, in Indonesia you do not need to do the same way. That is why don’t worry of the tourists rule of Indonesia.

  1. The undisciplined people will give you different sensations.

If you feel bored with order and discipline, you can come to Indonesia. Indonesian society seems to still be much practiced discipline when compared with people from other countries. Starting from queuing tickets, food, or crossing the road, Indonesians are undisciplined.

Those are the reason of why Indonesia is a good place to visit. It becomes the favorite destinations due to some factors. So, it is your turn to come to Indonesia.