20 Importance of Religion in Indonesia

In Indonesia, religion plays a great role. The Indonesian Constitution guarantees all people in Indonesia the freedom of religion or of worship according to their own beliefs. In Indonesia there are 6 official religions: Islam, Catholicism, Protestanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. The growth of religion has come way before the Independence of the Nation. It […]

Religious Diversity in Indonesia – Pluralism

Indonesia is the multicultural country with variant religions, ethnics, and believable, those are the special things that can find by tourists when come in Indonesia. if you’re a newcomer, you will recognize there are a lot diversity from one island with other island. in this case, Indonesia still being country with peaceful and there is […]

13 Cultural Diversity in Indonesia

Indonesia houses a wide spectrum of diverse culture. There are many people with different ethnic background or tribe living among each other in Indonesia. These people that live in the different region in Indonesia have their own kind of food, art performance, traditional costumes, languages and many more. Despite the many differences, Indonesia has learned […]

Diversity in Indonesia – Cultural – Multiculturalism

Indonesia known as NKRI (Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia) which had many things inside. That things made Indonesia as a rich country as well. Not only for the plantations, but also the cultures and the views. Indonesia ranked number fourth for the numerous of societies. Yup, Indonesia is the largest country. Consisted with five big islands […]