Top 15 Javanese Traditional Dance from Indonesia

Javanese is a rich culture in Indonesia. The culture become the Largest Ethnic-Groups of Indonesia. Javanese take plenty parts. Talking about Javanese, the truly state of the culture is on Central Java. Nonetheless, their culture and Javanese Traditions already spreading in every province in Indonesia. Even my neighbor is a Javanese. You can find them all easily […]

15 Popular Traditional Houses in Indonesia

Indonesia is the most beautiful country. From Sabang to Merauke, there’s an interesting thing to see. Look around, maybe you’ll see the beautiful things. The culture, the architecture, the people, all of it are amazing. But hey, let’s talk about the traditional architecture in Indonesia. From Sabang to Merauke, there are 33 province instead. Every […]

Top 10 Largest Temple in Indonesia (#1 is Popular)

As we know, Indonesia rich in anything. Such a cultures, foods, plants, also the temples. In the past, Hinduism take control in Indonesia. Also in the world maybe. It makes sense why there’s plenty Hinduism building in Indonesia. Maybe you already know about the largest temple in the world, and two of it belong to […]

Kecak Dance In Bali Indonesia – History – Attractions

Kecak Dance is very popular in Indonesia. The Kecak Dance is one of Bali’s most iconic art performances. If you hear people yell “cak-cak cak-cak” it tends to Kecak Dance. If you go to Bali, you can find this dance easily. Watching Kecak Dance become Traditions in Bali when you come over. (read also: Barong Dance in […]

4 Most Violence Christian Persecution in Indonesia

Nowadays, Indonesia is fame in the middle of earth because the violence. The Diversity in Indonesia make Indonesia extremely difficult to unite as well. Although motto “Unity in Diversity” applicable, there some people disobey that motto. Those people is the main causes of violence in Indonesia maybe. One of the fame case is violence of religious. […]

Badminton in Indonesia – History – Achievements

Badminton is a popular game in Indonesia. This game is very easy to play. Because we only have to hit the shuttlecock and drop it into our rival area to get a poin. You can play this game one on one or maybe in a team. Every team consist with two womans, two mans, or […]

Diversity in Indonesia – Cultural – Multiculturalism

Indonesia known as NKRI (Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia) which had many things inside. That things made Indonesia as a rich country as well. Not only for the plantations, but also the cultures and the views. Indonesia ranked number fourth for the numerous of societies. Yup, Indonesia is the largest country. Consisted with five big islands […]

Javanese Wedding Culture – Procession – Ceremonies

Around 40% of Indonesia inhibitants are Javanese. This ethnic came from cities like Yogyakarta, East Java, and Central Java. Javanese ethnic well-known with the prudishness. The way they spoke, walked, dressed, and sat is totally different. Especially when you make a comparison with Bataknese ethnic. Well, the volume while talking is different. Javanese sound more […]

10 Popular Traditional Markets in Indonesia

We all know that market is a buyers and sellers rendezvous. There, transaction happened. We could find anything we want in market, especially seasonings. However, market is prevalent to us, how about traditional market? Have you been there before? Nowadays, many people prefer to go to supermarket than traditional market. Why? Because the place is […]

Chinese New Year in Indonesia – Celebrations – Traditions

Hi guys! Maybe Chinese New Year already being prevalent to you. Chinese New Year is the first day of the New Year in the Chinese Calender, which predates the Gregorian calendar. On the past January 28th 2017, this ethnic already celebrated this New Year as a sign of Lunar New Year’s Day. Chinese ethnic known […]