The List of 15 Types of Beer in Bali Indonesia

In this world, there are so many kinds of drink that you can try such as juice, milk, or even the alcoholic drinks. Even though drinking the last one is considered an immoral action by the culture of Indonesia, in many places like Bali where there are many tourists visit it, you can find some […]

Top 17 Indonesian Tea – Characteristic & Benefits

Indonesia with all of its nature and the prosperity land, makes Indonesia becomes agrarian country with the richness of its biodiversity. The geography of Indonesia as the tropical country, makes Indonesia have a constant temperature and humidity on its highland which is very ideal for some plant to grow well. One of all those plants […]

Luwak Coffee – Development and Spread

Indonesia is a country which full of diversity. It includes diversity of coffee. Many countries, especially in America, Europe, and Japan know about Indonesian original coffee. Meanwhile, original coffee is a premium grade coffee which has a good taste. Moreover, in 2012, Indonesia is the third largest country of coffee producer in the world after […]