13 Effects Of Globalization On Business In Indonesia

Globalization is the linkage and dependence between nations and between people throughout the world through trade, investment, travel and popular culture. Globalization is a process in which between individuals, between groups, and between countries interact, depend, relate, and influence each other across national boundaries. In many ways, globalization has many of the same characteristics as […]

12 Surprising Effects of Urbanization in Jakarta

The movement of local people to Jakarta always increases from year to year. The migration of people from various regions to Jakarta is based on economic factors. Most think that living in Jakarta means they will get great sources of income and profit. Without them realizing that there is a stack of risks or families […]

10 Great Effects of Balinese Massage

Massage is a healing technique by pressing and massaging pain points such as muscles, joints and nerves. Massage is also an attempt to restore fitness, due to exhaustion, stress or accelerate recovery after hospitalization in the hospital. Massage is part of traditional healing methods that are classified as ancient. This method is trusted since the […]

12 Long Term Effects of Imperialism in Indonesia

Imperialism is a policy in which a large state can take control or governance over other regions so that the country can be nurtured or developed. It was noted, there are 3 major nations that first perform the activities of colonialism and imperialism in Indonesia. The three nations are Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch. Moreover, […]

12 Effects of High Inflation in Indonesia

Indonesia’s inflation rate is higher than in other developing countries. While other developing countries experienced an inflation rate of between 3% and 5% during the 2005-2014 periods, Indonesia had an average annual inflation rate of about 8.5% over the same period. This of course would give more effects for Indonesia especially in economy of Indonesia. […]

13 Effects of Dutch Colonialism in Indonesia

Dutch colonialism of Indonesia is a tragic moment that will remain a history and never be forgotten by the people of Indonesia. History of Dutch Colonization in Indonesia was lasting after 350 years the Indonesia colonized by the Dutch. The colonial period is a difficult time for the people of Indonesia since it causes a misery […]