13 Interesting Facts about Indonesia Elephants

You must know this animal, no elephant. A big animal and also big ears that are very smart and funny. The famous Asian elephants are in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and including Indonesia and India. The current elephant population, especially in Indonesia is very and even almost extinct, due to the narrowing of land for […]

15 Surprising Facts About Indonesia Elephants

The elephant is a large, intelligent animal and became one of the protected animals and became one of the animals that are now beginning to extinct its existence. Therefore, in Indonesia along with the narrowness of land and forests for the life of elephants, many natural conservation centers help to protect and care for wild […]

Endangered Sumatran Elephants – Threats and Conservation

Indonesia is known as a country that has a large area of rain forest. Having over 18,000 islands, Indonesia contains the world’s third largest area of rain forest after Amazon and Africa’s Congo Basin. The forests of Borneo and Sumatra are islands that contain rain forest the most in Indonesia. The forest of Sumatra is […]