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15 Surprising Facts About Indonesia Elephants

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The elephant is a large, intelligent animal and became one of the protected animals and became one of the animals that are now beginning to extinct its existence.


Therefore, in Indonesia along with the narrowness of land and forests for the life of elephants, many natural conservation centers help to protect and care for wild elephants as first level maintenance and the rest will be released back into the wild.

Some examples are surprising facts about Indonesian forest.

Due to the illegal hunt for the ivory, the life of the elephant in the wild is so alarming. The Government of Indonesia makes laws to protect these large animals. However, due to the increasingly narrow land sometimes make the elephant’s scope especially in search of food more difficult.

Since the transition of forest to plantation and settlement of citizens, elephant fate becomes a threat for some people in certain areas. All incredible facts about Maluku Maleo bird.

It is very unfortunate that this animal becomes extinct and lost. Because the balance of nature and life can affect life in the universe and humans. So let’s take care of and protect them by keeping the forest and nature for them, here are some facts about Indonesia elephants that should be known:

1. The difference between Indonesian Elephant and African Elephant

Asian elephants and African elephants differ in terms of their measurements and the shape of their ears. Asian elephants are smaller in size than African Elephants and their ears have a straight downward shape whereas African Elephant ears have similar shapes to large fans. Only a few Asian elephants have ivory while African Elephants are either male or female, both have ivory. Some interesting native animals in Indonesia and characteristics.

2. Elephant Pregnant Women Longer From Other Mammals

Elephants have long periods of content compared to other mammals. Elephants contain about 22 months before giving birth to 1 baby elephant. Female elephants generally contain every 4 to 5 years. Female elephants are more dominant and become leaders in other elephant groups while male elephants tend to live isolated. Here they are dangerous animals in Indonesia and characteristics.

3. Elephant Ivory Different in Size

Other facts about Indonesia elephants are, elephant ivory is not the same on both sides (right and left), smaller ivory shows that the side of the part is more dominant and more often used by the elephant. So the growth of ivory is different, sometimes one side is longer than the other side.

However, because of this ivory elephant into the hunt for irresponsible parties. Some amazing facts about Indonesia rainforest.

4. The Strong Elephant Trunk

Elephant trunk has 150,000 muscles compared to humans who have only 600 muscles in the entire body. This trunk is commonly used to move goods, be a trumpet alert or just greet other elephants. Because the elephant’s trunk has a strong sensor against vibration and sound, so very sensitive. Facta about the history of elephant cave in Bali stunning view.

5. The Effect of Elephants on the Environment and Nature

There are many tree species in Asian and central African forests that depend on the process of seed dispersal from the Elephant feeding path. Therefore who would have thought the life of elephants greatly affect the balance of life and natural processes spin with the natural.

And if elephants are living space is limited then how they can breed with normal and natural ?. Some problem and endangered Sumatran elephants threats and conservation.

6. Elephants Not a Threat to Humans

Due to the shrinking of elephant habitat, elephants are often packed with humans in a region and lead to conflict. WWF has conducted a human-elephant conflict prevention program with several programs, one of which is by training the elephant “flying squad” to safely lead the wild elephants from the residents’ garden to return to the forest.

Therefore many local people who consider the elephant to be a threat, but they only need places and food that is increasingly taken away due to industrial land and human dwelling. That were facts about Indonesia elephants, so sad. Hence about wildlife Park in Indonesia that you should visit.

7. Elephant Ivory Becomes Valuable Goods

More than 10 out of 1000 elephants are killed every year from their ivory hunting. WWF also prevents widespread elephant ivory hunting by training and facilitating ranger and other communities, including strengthening national and international government regulations. There are still many to date illegal ivory hunting that has an impact on shrinking. All matters interesting facts of Sumatra Tiger.

8. Elephant Food

Elephants generally eat grass, leaves, bamboo, bark, and roots. Elephants are also known to eat plants such as bananas, cocoa, rice, and sugarcane is grown by farmers. An adult elephant can spend 300-400 lbs of food per day. In some cases, elephant deaths at autopsy are found to contain plastics in their digestive organs.

9. The pattern of Character and Elephant Behavior

Elephants form family ties and live in family groups. The elephant group is led by the oldest female and is usually the largest female in the group. Family ties are so close when the child’s elephant is born to be protected by the whole group. Male elephants leave the group at 12-15 years of age. Top interesting facts about Orangutans in Indonesia.

10. Elephant Has Above Average Intelligence

Other facts about Indonesia elephants are Elephants are very intelligent animals and can remember events for years. This ability works during the dry season when they need to guide their flock, sometimes for tens of kilometers. Recent research has shown that elephants can communicate over long distances by making a sub-sonic roar that can propagate above the ground faster than through the air.

Other elephants receive messages through the sensitive skin on the feet. It is believed to be communication on elephant social groups and communication when looking for a mate. The Indonesian Komodo Dragon facts that people don’t know.


To know some facts about Indonesia elephants, here is the explanation:

  • Elephant season as with other animal species, most elephants mate during the rainy season. This is certainly a supporter because during the rainy season the resources of feed and water are quite abundant.
  • If an elephant child is taken care of by another female who is not her mother, she will be expelled. So, the elephant will not be accepted again by the group. In addition, the elephant will also be expelled from the group if it has been maintained by humans. Life of kinds of Monkeys are in Bali you will find.
  • The government has difficulty in making the conservation of Sumatran elephants, due to the considerable operational costs. An elephant usually requires 150 kg of food and 180 liters of water per day. They also need a space of 20 km per 1 elephant so they can move freely.
  • Facts about Indonesia elephants you should know which, now the main enemy of the elephant is human. Actually, elephants do not harm people. However, elephants who searched for their ancient habitat eventually disrupted human farming. And sometimes, it makes people angry and starts to regard the Sumatran elephant as a bully. This conflict is the cause of the endangered species of this Sumatra elephant.
  • Elephants are able to see well in low light conditions, not in bright light. The average body temperature of this animal is 35.9 ° Celsius, which is almost the same as humans. Same as like a camel, this animal is able to reduce and or increase its body temperature to adjust to the state of the environment.

Hopefully, the above exposure of facts about Indonesia elephants can be useful to you as a knowledge of the world of elephants, especially elephants in Indonesia. See you.

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