5 Indonesian Movies with International Achievements You Should Watch

It seems like the industry of Indonesian movies is growing so much faster than before. We know very well that a lot of Indonesian movies have been popular in the world. We can say Habibie dan Ainun, Laskar Pelangi, and many more. But actually, there are a lot of Indonesian movies with international achievements you should watch. […]

7 Legendary Indonesian Soap Operas You Will Always Miss

Recently, Indonesian people are complaining about how uneducated the current soap operas are. They miss the legendary Indonesian soap operas that were entertaining and valuable since they talked about family, funny jokes, and touching love.  Let us teleport into the past and take a trip down to memory lane about the legendary Indonesian soap operas […]

13 Best Bars in Bali You Must Visit

You who are on vacation in Bali and want the atmosphere of the night with your partner or friend, there are many choices of entertainment places in Bali. One of them is an entertainment place, which is a bar, a selection of bar places that can satisfy you in a fun and interesting hangout. Find your […]

10 Examples of Traditional Games in Indonesia – Nearly Extinct

Indonesia is a country with thousands of cultural diversity. In addition to dance, music, and singing, Indonesia also has many traditional games. This game is usually played by children. Although not infrequently some adults also play this game. Unfortunately, the existence of this traditional game has started many abandoned by children in Indonesia. The game […]