The History of Volcanoes in Bali – Eruption Record

Bali as the part of Indonesia couldn’t be denied that it is also an island with the high risk of volcano eruption. You might feel traumatic with the last eruption of Agung Mountain in Bali in 2017. Although it was not considered as the national disaster, for some people, the eruption was breaking their heart. […]

The Monitored Mountains of How Many Volcanoes in Indonesia are Active

Indonesia is the country with the most volcanoes in the world. Of the total volcanoes around the world, 13 percent are in Indonesia. In 2017, noted that there are at least 139 active volcanoes that spread across several regions of Indonesia. Of the many active volcanoes, it is surprising that nearly half of these mountains […]

Top 17 Biggest Volcano Eruption In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with many active volcanoes. The phenomenon of a volcanic eruption is common in some parts of Indonesia. Some of the volcanoes in Indonesia are very dangerous as there are several volcanoes that have erupted. Based on recorded history, several volcanoes that erupted here have caused many lives and damage to property. […]