15 Common Flowers in Indonesia – Extremely Lovely

Indonesia is famous for its traditional culture, friendly people, and beautiful natural resources such as its incredible places, views, flora and fauna. If you are a nature-life seeker and love to see nice flowers around you, here is the list of common flowers in Indonesia that might make you feel awe of its glory. Read […]

15 Famous Plants in Indonesia (#3 is Exotic)

Indonesia is composed of more than 17.000 islands from Sabang until Merauke. Moreover it is situated in the transitional zone between the world’s flora and fauna habitats. These islands are a natural ecosystem for more Indonesian flora and fauna. Indonesian endemic plants is concentrated in the tropical rainforest. Here are some endemic plants in Indonesia. […]

Top 15 Native Plants of Indonesia (#5 is Popular)

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world with more than 17,000 islands. Due to the vast territory of Indonesia, Indonesia becomes a home to many fauna and flora. In addition, Indonesia is also a transitional region between some of the world’s flora and fauna regional habitats. As a result, Indonesia being a home […]

Best 3 Indonesian National Flowers – Characteristics and Habitats

National flower is certain types of flower that are chosen by a country since those particular flowers can represent the characteristics of that country. Most countries in the world have their own national flower. National flower in one country is definitely different than national flower in other countries. Indonesia also has its own national flower […]