6 Traditional Foods That Are Almost Extinct in Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its culinary, expecially traditional foods because of its unique and special taste. Traditional foods also shows the diversity of Indonesian culture and tradition that are passed down from generation to generation. But unfortunately, there are some traditional foods in Indonesia that are pretty hard to find nowdays. Here are 6 traditional […]

15 Foods Only Served During Ramadhan in Indonesia : The Divine Taste

As mentioned in our previous article, you can find so many diversities in Indonesia. Not only about the religions, cultures, and arts, but the people of Indonesia also known for having diversity in the culinary. Yes, we’re talking about the traditional foods here. Most of them have their own special dishes. Related topics: Memorable history […]

The List of 14 Best Local Restaurant in Bali : Homes of Authentic Cuisines

Talking about the Bali island is like limitless. This favorable island is a part of Indonesia, and sadly some people from foreign countries sometimes forget about that. This small island located just beside Java island has so many things to do. Like for example, the attractions, the famous ones like Sanur or Pandawa, and also […]

The 15 Must Try Local Street Foods Near Toba Lake

In the country, most people are coming specifically in order to visit the astonishing locations. And most of them are the natural attractions that can always attract new visitors each day. The perfect example of them is the great Toba Lake in the Sumatra island. Even though the distance from Jakarta is considered really far, […]

12 Must Eat Dishes in Makassar

Makassar has always been a great destination for traveling not only because its friendly residents or tourist destinations, the culinary dishes in Makassar have great taste as well.  If you are interested in tasting Makassar signature dishes, you can come visit Makassar and experience it by yourself. makassar signature dishes are famous for being rich […]

The Must Try Foods in Surabaya East Java

So, after telling you information about the interesting facts you can find in the city of Bandung such as the must try restaurants, cafes, and places to eat, we’re gonna take you to an area that located in the eastern part of Java island. In the province of East Java, you can see the capital […]

The List of Must Try Restaurants in Bandung West Java

So, after exploring wonderful places in Bali island such as the pools, the natural attractions, and even the types of accomomdation, we want to take you back to Java island, to an area name Bandung city. For some of you who already visited Indonesia, have you visited this city before? Or maybe this is your […]

The Must Eat Dishes in Indonesia That You Should Get

If we’re talking about the culinary in Indonesia, it’ll be a never ending story because in this country with hundreds of island, there are a lot of kinds of food that you can find on each region. Starting from the most Western part of Indonesia, which is Sabang, to the most Eastern part, which is […]

All The Things You Must Eat in Bali Indonesia

Anyone would know the name of Bali island. An island that serving the country with taxes from tourism areas surely has many things to offer for the tourists. Name it, there are several popular locations available on the island that you can pick. They have their own unique specialties that loved by everybody who already […]

The List of Must Buy Snacks in Indonesia

You can eat something to make you feel better. Even eating your favorite foods can give you satisfaction to make your feelings much happier. But, eating extensively can give you another bad effect, fat. Fat is never be a wrong thing for your body, as long as it doesn’t keep piling up in your body […]