The List of 14 Best Local Restaurant in Bali : Homes of Authentic Cuisines

Talking about the Bali island is like limitless. This favorable island is a part of Indonesia, and sadly some people from foreign countries sometimes forget about that. This small island located just beside Java island has so many things to do. Like for example, the attractions, the famous ones like Sanur or Pandawa, and also its culinary.

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Well, culinary in Bali or Indonesia, in general, is totally unforgettable. This country has a special touch that given to all of the foods, making all they have their own unique taste that different from foods in other countries. Usually, the best place to try is the local restaurant. But which is the best one? Let’s find out in this best local restaurant in Bali

1 – Warung Mami

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The first one on the list of the best local restaurant in Bali is Warung Mami. Warung Mami restaurant is one of the best local restaurants in Bali, located in the street of Uluwatu number 2 of Jimbaran, Bali. This one is really friendly for any kind of people because it also serves the halal foods that have great taste with Balinese touch.

The place opens from 10 am to 10 pm. Warung Mami also serves the customers with supporting features such as takeaway services, outdoor, and also indoor seating. But you can’t get any alcohol like beer, vodka, and the others.

2 – Seniman Coffee Studio

From Jimbaran we’re going to Ubud area, one crowded location in Bali to visit the Seniman Coffee Studio in the second one in the best local restaurant in Bali. Seniman basically means artists, so you can find anything related to it. The place is located in Sriwedari street number 5 of Ubud Bali. It starts to open from 8 am to night time at 10 pm.

The place also has some basic features like the outdoor seating, free wifi connection (for customers), take away services, special breakfast menu, and also the alcohol (consists of beers and wines). People usually order to signature Bali coffee.

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3 – Laka Leke Hideaway Restaurant

Still located inside the Ubud area, we want to take you to Laka Leke Hideaway Restaurant. A place that is really easy to remember. Just like its name “Hideaway”, the restaurant is actually a combination of both natural aspects from the trees around it that hid it away from the outside. The place is also known for its gate with the red umbrellas.

Just like many other places we mentioned before, this restaurant also serves some basic elements of a restaurant like the breakfast menu, wifi connection for everyone, wine and beer on the list, plus the outdoor seating, which is actually better.

4 – Nalu Bowls

Eating healthy is actually not that hard, as long as you know what to eat and where to get them. There’s a place in Bali that is perfect for that called Nalu Bowls. Inside this “bowl” that located around the Drupadi, Seminyak Bali and Canggu Bali, you can find a variety of healthy meals for breakfast and lunch.

The shop opens from 7.30 am and usually closes at 5 pm. You can just order the fresh smoothies for the hot day or just pick the favorable menus like J-Bay. The customers can also add some toppings to make it better.

5 – Bali Buda

Another place with the same purpose as the fourth restaurant above and also included inside the best local restaurant in Bali, here’s the Bali Buda. The place is known for having meals that produced out of organic vegetables. With those, the meals are claimed to be fat-free and also sugar-free, which is very useful for people who are in the diet but still wanted to eat delicious meals.

They have their own organic garden to make the production process more effective. Besides, the location is also very strategic. After successfully built their first store in Ubud, they opened a new branch at Nusa Dua Bali.

6 – Made’s Warung

So, is it a restaurant named after the owner? Yes, it is. The owner, Mr.Made, built a nice place for anyone who interested in Balinese cuisines. He named it warung in order to make it down to Earth, even though it’s actually a restaurant. The place is usually used for hangout both with friends or family.

Sometimes there’s also live music here, accompanying customers from the afternoon to the night time. Made’s Warung has some branches now, one in Seminyak, and the others in Kuta Bali and Denpasar Bali. It opens from 9 am to 11 pm.

7 – Restoran Renon

Denpasar city is wide, and sometimes it can be very confusing to find a halal restaurant. But don’t worry, in the East Denpasar area, you can find a restaurant named Restoran Renon. This is the restaurant with the halal certificate, so you can expect to find the meals that are friendly to all Muslims out there.

The place is really crowded every single day, you can spot it on the street of Cok Agung Tresna number 85, East Denpasar, Bali. The shop usually opens from 10 am to 2.30 pm only, so make sure to make time for it.

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8 – Strawberry Hill

Is it possible to pick strawberries on a tropical island like Bali? Yes, it’s indeed possible and you can actually try it at the Strawberry Hill. This is the place where you can actually harvest strawberries in the Strawberry Farm. Usually the crowd wave of people coming during the morning to get the freshest strawberries.

Aside from harvesting, you can also try to consume meals with strawberries as basic ingredients. Basic things like Juice or Milk always exist. But, there’s also Strawberry Fried Rice. Is it good? Find the answer at Strawberry Hill in Bedugul Bali.

9 – Nanny’s Pavilion

People are now interested to visit not an ordinary restaurant, but the thematic restaurant. The reason behind this is not only the good taste from the meals but also the unique atmosphere they can get from unique decorations or theme that brought by the restaurant, like this Nanny’s Pavilion for example.

Not only in Bali, but Nanny’s Pavilion also has a good reputation on Java island. Almost each of NP’s store has its own unique theme. Plus, the good environment also added with a nice variety of dessert and smoothie.

10 – Monokrom Coffee and Bar

Let’s just sit down and have some coffee. Relax a bit from the daily life of stress with a sip of delicious coffee in the Monokrom Coffee and Bar. This is one of the hit bars around Bali island. Thanks to its unique theme, more people are coming in order to enjoy their menu in such a cozy place.

The interior design is unique with the addition of live music that held sometimes can bring up the atmosphere. The price of the FnB is also considered to be affordable. Just come to Legian street number 358A to feel the exact experience.

11 – Mexicola Motel

Wait wait, even though this restaurant has the word “Motel” in it, but it’s actually a full-services restaurant. The restaurant mainly serves the Mexican cuisines, just like its name. The highlights of this restaurant are not only the Mexican foods that look so unique in domestic eyes but also the design of this place.

No wonder that you can find some people who order a glass of water and just taking pictures all the time because of they really interested in both exterior and interior. You can certainly try the people’s favorite meal called Tamarind Mole, which basically taco with chicken meat and then completed with Tamarind sauce.

12 – Tamarind Kitchen Restaurant

Next one in the best local restaurant in Bali is Tamarind Kitchen Restaurant,  which is the new icon of the Nusa Dua area of Bali. Booming lately because of people blasting pictures about it in social media. Most of them are interested in the design of the place, which can be said to rare thing to find in the area of Bali these days.

Not only that, but the restaurant also has a reputation for the foods. The menu is dominated by International Meals to suit all the tounges of customers. If you want to see for yourself, you can come to the BTDC area of Nusa Dua.

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13 – Raja’s Balinese Restaurant

Eating in a fancy place is not always so expensive. You can prove it by coming to Raja’s Balinese Restaurant located in the area of Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa of Nusa Dua, Bali. Raja basically means King, so you can expect the royal-like environment with fancy tables and interior. Even the spoons are golden.

Raja’s Balinese Restaurant answered the problem of Muslims in Bali by serving the authentic Balinese meals but using the halal ingredients. With this, everyone can enjoy the true taste of Bali without worrying about anything.

14 – Nyoman Cafe Jimbaran

If you think that sipping a coffee in outdoor location is too basic or too mainstream, you can go to Nyoman Cafe Jimbaran, which is actually a place where you can have your favorite meals with the view of a beach. You need to do a reservation first anyway because the place is always full in almost every day.

The location of this place is just on the beach side in Kuta Bali. It’s in Jimbaran beach street number 5 of Jimbaran to be specific. Even though it’s the most perfect time is in the evening, but the cafe opens from 11 am to 11 pm.