12 Must Eat Dishes in Makassar

Makassar has always been a great destination for traveling not only because its friendly residents or tourist destinations, the culinary dishes in Makassar have great taste as well. 

If you are interested in tasting Makassar signature dishes, you can come visit Makassar and experience it by yourself. makassar signature dishes are famous for being rich in extraordinary flavors, having special aroma, attractive servings, as well as tempting appearance. 

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1. Coto Makassar

There is something missing if you take a trip to South Sulawesi without trying Coto Makassar.

This typical Makassar food gives a deep impression to anyone who has ever enjoyed it.

This dish is rich in spices, which makes it taste ‘very crunchy’ and will give an unforgettable taste for your tongue. 

In Makassar, there are several recommended places if you are interested in trying this cuisine. One of them, Coto Nusantara where the culinary is served with thick gravy and large pieces of meat, plus extra chives and fried onions are served separately.

2. Sop Konro

One more typical Makassar culinary that you should try, namely sop konro.

This soup is usually made with beef ribs or beef with blackish brown sauce from kluwek and served with pieces of ketupat.

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The taste of the sauce is very strong and delicious because it uses a variety of spices and a lot of coriander. 

Usually ribs and beef in konro soup are served with various variations such as roasted or original konro. The most famous and legendary place to taste this typical Makassar soup is Konro Karebosi.

3. Mie Titi

Makassar is famous for its noodle dish as well, one of them is called as mie titi.

Mie titi is a typical Makassar dry noodle which is usually served with thick broth made from chicken broth, starch, eggs and various spices.

Usually this noodle is served with complementary sliced chicken, mushrooms, shrimp, squid, and lime slices. The dry texture combined with the sauce is very unique and you should try.

4. Pallubasa

This one dish serves thick grated coconut grated so that it tastes delicious.

Unlike Coto Makassar and Sop Konro which are served with ketupat, Pallubasa uses warm white rice.

Pallubasa is usually served when it’s hot, poured directly into a small bowl and completed by raw chicken eggs. However, it still tastes savory. Read more about Popular Food in Surabaya, Common Indonesian Street Food, and Popular food in Yogyakarta.

5. Pisang Epe

Pisang Epe, just like its name is made of banana fruit.

So here it is, the sweet taste of Makassar that can’t be missed at all, this sweet pisang epe is very delicious.

 Moreover, the cooking method is unique, namely by being squeezed or flattened and then baked on the coals of fire.

The combination of the burning taste of the banana and palm sugar and grated coconut sauce makes this culinary a favorite dish to taste in Makassar.

Not only banana flavor, there are three other flavors available such as chocolate, cheese and durian.

6. Jalangkote

Jalangkote is a snack that is almost similar to Indonesian favorite snack, Fried Curry Puff.

However the outer skin of jalangkote is thinner than the original pastel. The ingredients for the stuffings consist of potatoes, carrots, bean sprouts, eggs, noodles and rice noodles.

In order to eat this snack, you must eat it in a unique way. You must enjoy this snack with a sauce made of a mixture of rawit, red chili, garlic, onion, salt, sugar and vinegar.

Surprisingly the chilli sauce will makes it taste more delicious and savory. 

7. Es Pisang Ijo

Main course, snack, and now here we comes to the most favorite appetizer in Makassar.

Es pisang ijo or ice green banana is a dish that becomes the symbol of Makassar and is very popular not only in Makassar but in other regions as well. 

Es pisang ijo is made from banana based with green flour mixture, marrow porridge, red syrup, coconut milk sauce, and sweet white condensed milk in addition to shaved ice to make Banana Ijo ice should not be missed when coming to Makassar.

8. Sop Ubi

Sop ubi is one of the traditional culinary ingredients made from ubi or cassava which is very easy to obtain in Makassar. 

At a glance, this one food looks similar to Soto. But the difference is the soup from the sop ubi is more clear and not solid yellow like the soup in soto Makassar. 

With a combination of various ingredients such as vermicelli, eggs, small pieces of meat, bean sprouts, peanuts, Sop Ubi also become one of the culinary list items in the Anging City of Mammiri which is really a must try.

9. Sop Saudara

At first the culinary name of this unique Sop was chosen because it was inspired by the name coto paraikatte.

In Makassar language paraikatte means brother or neighbor.

It is said that Sop Saudara was first made by H. Dollahi, who opened his own meat soup stall business in 1957. At that time, his stall was named after sop saudara.

Then apparently his idea was able to attract the interest of food lovers from all around the nations. Until finally his soup becomes very popular in Makassar.

Sop saudara is made from basic ingredients of beef which are usually served with complementary ingredients such as rice noodles, potato cakes, beef offal, and boiled eggs.

10. Pisang Epe Losari

Makassar is very popular with banana dishes.

Makassar has a banana dish called pisang epe Losari which is very popular because of its delicious taste and can be found in Losari only.

In order to make pisang epe, the type of banana used is a half-baked kepok banana. Why must it be half done?

Because the banana will produce a texture that is soft but not too soft. The Banana Epe processing process is very simple.

The peeled bananas are roasted over the coals until they are half done. After that the banana is placed on top of a tool made of wood blocks to be pressed until it is flat or slightly flat.

Then the banana is roasted again. After the combustion process is complete, the banana is served with a splash of durian or jackfruit flavored molten sugar.


  • Barongko: Barongko is a typical Bugis-Makassar regional dessert in the form of a very soft banana cake. Banana as the main raw material is processed to produce a sweet dish. Banana meat is mashed together with other ingredients such as eggs, sugar, salt and milk powder, then wrapped using banana leaves.
  • Gogoso: Gogoso is one of the typical Bugis Makassar food that is very popular during Eid celebration. Gogoso is made from glutinous rice which is grilled in a package of banana leaves, generally served along with salted eggs.