10 Instagrammable and Contemporary places in East Jakarta

There are so many tourist attractions in Jakarta which start from historical tourisms until the places for spots to take photos at nights in Jakarta. Jakarta surely has many interesting places that you can make them as objects of a photo or the places for taking photos then, uploading on your Instagram. Moreover, you can […]

10 Contemporary and Popular Hangout Places for K-Pop Fans in Jakarta

South Korea really has dominated around the world from their musical works and artworks like dance, song, film, and drama. How it comes? Their existence has been numerous in the world. It reaches out not only to Indonesia but, it has already been around the world. Even, a number of people look for tourist attractions […]

7 of the Best Hangouts in Bali for Celebrating New Year

We should not go far or abroad for celebrating new year even, you can enjoy the festive celebration in Indonesia such as in Bali island. To celebrate new year in Bali, it can be as a special moment especially, if we celebrate it together with close relatives. Not only domestic tourists assume Bali which is […]

List of 17 Hangout Spots in Bali You Must Visit : Unique, Fun, and Memorable

So, let us continue our exploration to the island of Bali. Last time, we talked about the natural places, dominated with virgin and quietness, they are required to bring calm in mind in order to bring inspiration. But today, we’re gonna talk about something different, something relaxable as well, but way merrier, the hangout places. […]