10 Contemporary and Popular Hangout Places for K-Pop Fans in Jakarta

South Korea really has dominated around the world from their musical works and artworks like dance, song, film, and drama. How it comes? Their existence has been numerous in the world. It reaches out not only to Indonesia but, it has already been around the world. Even, a number of people look for tourist attractions in South Korea in order to come and meet their idols. No matter their idols do plastic surgery or not, they certainly give a big influence on the countries including Indonesia.

We can see that there are so many Korea attractions in Indonesia which are crowded because of K-pop fans. Moreover, K-pop fans often create particularly events in order to meet and share information about their idols. They also have own favorite places to discuss and support their idols. In this article, we will talk about a few hangout places that are usually used by K-pop fans.

1. Kota Kasablanka

Kota Kasablanka is the first place at one of the malls in South Jakarta that is usually used by K-pop fans to come and hold gathering event. Kota Kasablanka is located on Jalan Casablanca Raya Kav 88, South Jakarta. There are so many reasons why people come to this place for gathering but, the main reason that is Kota Kasablanka has a lot of Korean restaurants. Besides, This place also becomes an instagrammable mall in Jakarta. There are a lot of Korean restaurants are like Ojju and Chunggiwa. We can talk about Korean male idols with comfortable and fun at the expensive until cheap restaurants. you can make conversation while eating snacks which is often eaten by Korean people. Moreover, Kota Kasablanka has some histories in which this place has ever become fans meeting by BTS (Bangtan Boys) as one of K-pop boy groups and also Kim Woo Bin’s meet and greet event.

2. Korean Cultural Center Indonesia

One of the buildings on Jalan Sudirman is a place for promoting Korean culture. If Kota Kasablanka is a Mall for shopping and eating so, Korean Cultural Center is a different place. This place is the same as @America which belongs to the United States of America and Korea also has own building that is KCC (Korean Cultural Center).

If you visit KCC, you will not only see Korean culture but also, you can speak with Korean natives directly. In addition, they open the Korean language course which can find and it will be taught by Korean people directly so that, you can study Korean language in this place. Besides, there are so many photobooks that contain your Korean idols so, KCC is a heaven’s place for K-pop fans.

3. Loona Cafe

The latest hangout place in Jakarta becomes a crowded place to visit and most of them are K-pop fans who visit this place. Every menu, design, and wallpaper is conceptualized from Korea.

Besides, the cafe owner is very creative so that, they have furniture, decorations, and seats that are a special color and they all make Loona Cafe so beautiful also sweet. Moreover, the menu at Loona Cafe is not a few since this cafe not only sells designs also jokes but also, they sell Korean, Western, even Indonesia food. You can find Korean food like bibimbap, ramyeon, etc.

Loona Cafe is located on Jalan I Surya Wijaya No. 35, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta and it opens on Monday until Saturday. Moreover, they have different business hours such as they open every Monday until Friday at 10 AM – 10 PM and Saturday 10 AM – 11 PM.

4. Daebak Fan Cafe

The next cafe which can be as a hangout place is Daebak Fan Cafe. This place is one of the cafes and Korean restaurants that sells a lot of Korean foods. Furthermore, they also sell Korean beverages which are looked so very identical with your color of idols.

Daebak Fan Cafe address exists on Jl. Boulevard Raya T2 No. 35 North Jakarta. If somebody feels confused to search it, this cafe is exactly located in Kelapa Gading. Let us come!

5. Jjang Korean Noodle & Gril

This Jjang Korean Noodle and Grill in Kebayoran Baru is a place that is often become K-pop fans gathering. They serve many kinds of food but, this place looks like the restaurant concept with Korean typical heavy meals than a cafe. In addition, you can feel Korea atmosphere when you are in this place.

6. Ojju

Now, this restaurant is on a highlight. You can find a lot of Ojju booths since this place is very delicious with chicken which is wrapped by Mozarella cheese and it will accompany you while talking about the idol. You can discover this Ojju at Grand Indonesia, Gandaria City, and Kota Kasablanka.

7. Yoogane

The next restaurant is Yoogane. Do not miss this place for your gathering place together with friends at the K-pop fans community. You will find this Yoogane at Lotte Shopping Avenue South Jakarta. Moreover, you will certainly be joyful in this place together with your friends.

8. SamWon House

There are so many Korean typical cafes in Jakarta for K-pop fans gathering. Then, you will feel as if eating in Korea. You must come to SamWon House because you will truly feel Korea atmosphere here. In addition, ancient decoration will make you like a Korean royal princess. Besides, You can find SamWon House in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. You can also take photos with this Korea atmosphere and this SamWon house definitely looks very instagrammable.

9. Mr. Park

Casual Dining is the appropriate word when you visit Mr. Park. This contemporary place that you must be visited has more than 100 places in Asia and Mr. Park is on the rise recently. Besides, this place also provides halal food so that, those foods are safe to be consumed by Moslem. Furthermore, you can find Mr. Park at Grand Indonesia.

10. Noodle King

Do you want to feel as if you are eating beside your idol? You can visit Noodle King. There is Myeon which is one of the great and popular foods lately. If you have ever watched Korean dramas that are eating noodles, you can also taste it at this place directly. Moreover, you can find Noodle King in Setiabudi, South Jakarta and more exactly at Lotte Shopping Avenue.

If you want to go to South Korea, you need to visit Korean tourist attractions in the spring. Besides, you can search for halal culinary attractions in South Korea. For you and partner also can look for honeymoon places in South Korea in order to meet your idols directly.