10 Instagrammable and Contemporary places in East Jakarta

There are so many tourist attractions in Jakarta which start from historical tourisms until the places for spots to take photos at nights in Jakarta. Jakarta surely has many interesting places that you can make them as objects of a photo or the places for taking photos then, uploading on your Instagram. Moreover, you can also begin with instagrammable malls in Jakarta until restaurants that exist in this city. It is not only Jakarta in the South area or central area which is popular because of having instagrammable places but, there are so many instagrammable places that exist in East Jakarta. Some of them are like;

1. Lacoco Cafe

The first, an instagrammable place in East Jakarta that we can visit is Lacoco Cafe. This cafe is located in Pondok Kelapa and provides a variety of coffee types as their main dishes. Besides, they also provide the various food menu which you can try.

By the unique interior design, this place will be suitable for those who really love to take photos and upload them on Instagram. Lacoco Cafe also has a comfortable atmosphere so that, it makes the visitors lingering along here. In addition, the price of food and beverage in this cafe can be said affordable also it is the reason Lacoco Cafe always crowded.

2. Kupinami

An instagrammable place is not only for relaxing but, it can be as a place for finding creation and inspiration. For those who want to look for this place so, Kupinami is the answer to your wish. Kupinami is the same with other cafes in which coffee as the prominent menu. A comfortable atmosphere that is offered by this cafe surely becomes added value. Kupinami is not only as of the place for taking photos but also, you can relax and relieve fatigue. This cafe is located in Cipayung. This Kupinami as the instagrammable place in East Jakarta that is always crowded on the weekend is an appropriate place for you to gather with your friends.

3. Cerita Cafe

Cerita Cafe is located in Otista and it is the example of other instagrammable places that you can try to visit. This cafe has a concept of the family restaurant but, its interior design definitely really follows era. Furthermore, we are offered two choices at Cerita Cafe. For instance, we sit on beautiful chairs in the dining room or sit on the floor in the backyard. By cozy atmosphere in this cafe, Cerita Cafe offers some heavy meals menu like beef short ribs and satay. Food and beverage in this cafe vary and their price is friendly price. Besides, providing the various food and beverage, Cerita Cafe also provides the various board game in order to the visitors linger here.

4. Kopilot Cafe

For those who are searching for a unique cafe in East Jakarta with its different atmosphere and design so, you can try to visit Kopilot Cafe. This cafe is located in Pondok Gede and they offer interior design with additional aircraft models on the ceiling of room. Kopilot cafe has a wide place. In addition, the excellence of this cafe is they use coffee that is their own concoction and this matter makes their coffee fresher. Besides the number of aircraft models, Kopilot Cafe is dominated by white color and it has a Java characteristic design. This cafe is looked so luxury but, it still maintains the tradition. Kopilot Cafe provides various food and beverage. The price which is offered in this cafe is cheap and you do not worry about the price.

5. Pause Cafe

Another instagrammable place in East Jakarta is Pause Cafe. This cafe is located in Rawamangun and this place is always crowded. Pause Cafe provides snacks that are suitable to be eaten while taking a rest. One of the reasons why Pause Cafe always crowded is the cozy atmosphere. This cafe not only sells snacks but, they also sell heavy meal. Certainly, you do not worry about the price since all food and beverage price here can be said cheap.

6. Warung Enon

We still talk about the places in Rawamangun and there is an instagrammable place that is appropriate to become a place for eating also for hangout. This place is called Warung Enon. The interesting thing from this place is their place that is constructed from container and lighting system will be suitable for those who love taking photos and uploading them on media social. In addition, Warung Enon provides a heavy meal. This place is also suitable if you want to take a rest while eating after work. A few of menu is provided by Warung Enon such as the various rice menu, chicken, noodles, and other kinds of food.

7. Sushimas

For those who love Japanese food and search for an instagrammable place in East Jakarta so, Sushimas is an appropriate place for you. Based on its name, this restaurant is located in Kramat Jati and they surely provide Japanese food. In addition, One of Japanese food is sushi as the main dish at Sushimas.

This restaurant not only provides delicious food but, it is designed with an interior that is made similar to a sushi restaurant in Japan. This matter becomes an attractiveness for visitors as if they feel the atmosphere in Japan while enjoying sushi.

8. Kedai Locale

If you are looking for instagrammable place which you can use as the place for eating together with family, Kedai Locale can be as one of restaurants that you can visit. This place will be suitable for eating together and it is located in Rawamangun.

The most of food that is provided by Kedai Locale is a variety of archipelago food and also this place is designed archipelago style. Moreover, we will see the variety of typical Indonesia thing as decoration in every corner of Kedai Locale. This place also can be as a romantic restaurant in Jakarta.

9. Rumah Kongkow

Rumah Kongkow is another example of instagrammable place in Jakarta that you can enjoy the air in the afternoon. We can also choose to sit in the room or outside. Furthermore, a spot usually uses for taking photos in Rumah Kongkow is a swing at the outside.

This place is present with a design like a house and a park. We can see in the inner room similar to a comfortable house and also we can enjoy the fun atmosphere at the park. This matter makes feed Instagram more beautiful due to instagrammable place.

10. Kopi Kecil

Kopi Kecil is another beautiful place which you can use for taking photos. A place that sells coffee has a small room and looks minimalist. However, room design and setting look tidy and they make this place have own attractiveness. In addition, the unique style on ceramic is one of the interesting things in this place. Besides, this Kopi Kecil does not sell a heavy meal. They only sell various kinds of coffee and snack as a complement.

Anyway, that is all instagrammable place in East Jakarta which becomes the recommendation to visit.