List of 17 Hangout Spots in Bali You Must Visit : Unique, Fun, and Memorable

So, let us continue our exploration to the island of Bali. Last time, we talked about the natural places, dominated with virgin and quietness, they are required to bring calm in mind in order to bring inspiration. But today, we’re gonna talk about something different, something relaxable as well, but way merrier, the hangout places.

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Because so many people are enthusiastic to visit the island, many people are using this opportunity to build their own business. They can build whatever it needed to build, like restaurants, cafes, the new comic cafes, gathering places, and others. That’s why it’s pretty easy to to find a place where you can enjoy with your friends and family. So, these are the best hangout spots in Bali you must visit.

1 – Single Fin

The first location on the list of hangout spots in Bali you must visit, which sounds familiar enough for the surfers, is the one and only, Single Fin. As a popular spot for hangout, especially during the evening, Single Fin always has loyal crowds filling their place. It’s like never empty here.

You can see that people sometimes wearing swimwear there, or even bring their own surfing boards. It’s because the location of Single Fin is really close to a beach nearby. They can use the stairs to go to Single Fin easily. Usually, they will visit the spot during the evening in order to enjoy the magical sunset.

Location: Suluban beach, Uluwatu

2 – La Plancha

Another place which is always filled with people is La Plancha, located in Seminyak Bali. La Plancha is the spot where you can relax and enjoy the scenery of the ocean. The beach is not that empty. With the additional colorful bean bags and added with the colorful umbrella as well, making this place more iconic and memorable.

No wonder that more and more people are actually interested and curious about visiting it. La Plancha starts to get crowded way before the sunset. You can notice some people come in even during the afternoon. Usually, the seats will be full at 3 pm. Even though they can’t see the sunset yet, they can relax a bit by sleeping on the bean bags.

Location: Seminyak

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3 – Ku De Ta

One of the most known bars in the area of Bali island is none other than Ku De Ta. Even though the name seems to have political influence, but you can’t notice a more single thing about it on the spot. All you can notice is how bright and cheerful it is, especially when the night comes. It will start to get crazy.

During the evening, the visitors can have a nice experience of witnessing a sunset, accompanied by relaxing music and favorite drink. When the day changes tonight, it can get more lively by the live music performance, alcoholic drinks, and dancing all night long. Make sure to experience it.

Location: Kayu Aya st. 9

4 – Woobar

Next location which can give the same vibe is Woobar. Woobar is located inside the W Retreat and Spa location, which you can find easily around Petingetet street. Woobar can give calmer vibe during the evening to sunset, with the help of round orange lamps, placed around the location that directly facing the sea.

Just like any other seaside bars and restaurants, Woobar also can give the customers entertainment by providing them with skillful DJs. The music will bring the atmosphere alive and turns the night into a memorable time of day. Be free to enjoy the free seaside pool as well.

Location: Petingetet st.

5 – Nook

As you may notice, Bali is surrounded by fast green rice fields. Along with to way, you can see how green the environment in Bali is, despite the area is more crowded by tourists. If you want to feel a nice experience of culinary combined with those nice natural aspects, come to Nook restaurant in Umalas street number one.

This place has a unique themed of the natural restaurant, a restaurant which also related to the environment around it.  Nook has two kinds of seating, indoor and outdoor. One a nice day, the outdoor seating is surely the best one, because you can have your delicious Balinese meals while having wonderful scenery in front of you.

Location: Umalas st. 1

6 – Motel Mexicola

Even though the name of this place starts with Motel, this venue is actually a restaurant, the most unique when. Motel Mexicola can serve you with nice Mexican menus and colorful Mexican architecture design as well. The bright colors and unique motives can give a boost to your day.

Location: Seminyak

7 – Potato Head Beach Club

The full-services of a beach club can be found in Potato Head Beach Club. As one of the best hangout spots in Bali, you can have yourself a wonderful view of sunset on a private bedroom for a better experience. You can also enjoy the private pool as well, having fun with your friends and family till your heart contended.

Location: Petingetet st. 51B

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8 – La Laguna

The next one in the hangout spots in Bali you must visit is called La Laguna. This place is simply magical by how interesting looks. It has this kind of garden theme, with the additional colorful lanterns to bring coziness to the atmosphere. It’s simply relaxing, a suitable place for discussion or finding inspiration.

Location: Canggu

9 – La Favela

Still have the word “La” in it, this location is way different than La Laguna. La Favela can give you a memorable experience through its pirated-themed location. The venus is filled with plants and vegetations. The chairs and tables made of dark woods bring a nice touch to the place. With an overall unique location, make your night more memorable.

Location: Laksamana Oberoi st. 177

10 – Angelita Tea Salon and Patisserie

Angelita Tea Salon and Patisserie is a location that perfects for afternoon time. Even though the place looks so feminine, it’s not only suitable for girls. The delicious tea and bites they have here should be tried. And for you who want this kind of British afternoon time in a matching location, this one should be placed on top of mind.

Location: Kerobokan High Way number 10 A

11 – El Kabron

If you are interested to taste the Spanish dishes, El Kabron is the best place to be. Serving the customers with the Authentic Spanish menus like Paella, Tapas, and even a simple thing like Tortilla. The place is also known as a pool restaurant, where you can actually swim in two different kinds of the pool. One is facing the ocean, and the other is in the garden area.

Location: Cemongkak Beach st.

12 – Pomegranate Cafe

If Nook is a restaurant located around the green village environment, then Pomegranate Cafe is actually a cafe located in the center of rice fields. Bringing the same idea, Pomegranate can give the most relaxing and calming experience when hangout. Sipping a coffee while having such a view is truly a stress-reliever.

Location: Subak Sok, Ubud

13 – Livingstone Bakery

Another one in the list of best hangout spots in Bali you must visit, there’s a Livingstone Bakery. It’s also located in Petingete, one central location for hangout places. Livingstone Bakery is a known hangout place that serves homemade bread and some cafe menus. There’s also a red-colored watermelon bread, which is a must-buy item on this cafe.

Location: Petingetet st. 88

14 – The Coffee Library

Who said that the Library is just a house for books? On the street of Kayu Aya, Seminyak, you can find a Library filled with coffees instead. The coffee library has a large collection of coffees. With the industrial and rustic theme combined into one, spending time while having your chosen coffee is the best time to relax.

Location: Kayu Aya st. 50, Seminyak

15 – Seniman Coffee

Just like its name, Seniman, which means Artists, is serving coffee menus directly from the “artists”. The artists here are the skillful Baristas. Aside from their creations, you can also see some decorations which consist of painting and colored mural walls. There are also some traditional Balinese snacks displayed.

Location: Sriwedari st. 5

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16 – Angkringan Dua Djempol

Angkringan usually referred to a place to hang out with friends. They’re commonly found in the area of East and Central Java. But, you can feel the same atmosphere in Angkringan Dua Djempol, which also serves as a favorite place for hangout in the central city. Choose your favorite East Java cuisines freely, and enjoy the night.

Location: Dauh Puri Klod, Denpasar 


17 – Thai Indo Kitchen

The last one on the list of hangout spots in Bali you must visit is a restaurant named Thai Indo Kitchen. Want to try the best Thailand menus? Pick the Tomyum soup, served with a delicious and fresh soup. There’s also a Mango Sticky Rice as dessert, or you can just pick the legendary Thai Tea here. They also serve some Indonesian cuisines as well, like Nasi Goreng, and others.

Location: Legian, Kuta