13 Common Spices in Indonesia

Indonesian cuisine is famous for its delicious and rich in flavor. Indonesia has variety of  culinary and food flavors that can be found all over Indonesia Archipelago. The secret recipe behind this delicious flavor is from the typical spices of Indonesia that became the seasoning ingredient of cooking. But not many of us know that this spice […]

17 Medicinal Plants of Indonesia – Health Benefits

Indonesia is the country with the high rate of illness. We  cannot be healthy all the time. We can be ill from time to time. Because of the illness, the people try to find the cure by studying about herbal medicinal plantations, and searching for them. So you may find many of them on the […]

Indonesian Nutmeg – History and Production

Nutmeg, or also called Pala in Indonesian, is a spice that grows on an evergreen tree with the scientific classification Myristica fragrans. It is a native spice of Banda Islands in Indonesia and now is globally used. Commercial products derive from the nutmeg tree that are most commonly known are the seed (people refers it […]