The Brief History of Tea in  Indonesia

Indonesia is currently the seventh largest tea producer in the world. However, because of the lucrative business prospects of palm oil, tea production has declined in recent years. This happens because some tea plantations have been converted into oil palm plantations, while other tea plantations have stopped production to produce vegetables or other more profitable […]

The History of Jamu in Indonesia

As a country with abundant result in nature, it is not such a surprised if Indonesia has many nutritious medicinal plants. Hence, no wonder it’s been long time since the Indonesian people use medicinal plants as a treatment to medicate the health problems. In fact, there are still a number of people who prefer use […]

Top 10 Famous Spices in Indonesia (#5 is Precious)

As a country with fertile soil Indonesia is a perfect place for various kind of plantations to grow, especially spices. Indonesian spices are not only popular between the Indonesian but also get acknowledgement from international world. Spices are important ingredients for remedy, cooking, beverages, etc. Spices have very strong taste and aroma, it was an […]

15 Famous Plants in Indonesia (#3 is Exotic)

Indonesia is composed of more than 17.000 islands from Sabang until Merauke. Moreover it is situated in the transitional zone between the world’s flora and fauna habitats. These islands are a natural ecosystem for more Indonesian flora and fauna. Indonesian endemic plants is concentrated in the tropical rainforest. Here are some endemic plants in Indonesia. […]

14 Most Popular Herbs in Indonesia (#2 is Popular)

Indonesian food is famous for its delicious and spicy taste. And the secret behind those famous delicious dishes is none other than the rich herbs and spices that are in it. We’re going to tell you about 15 of those herbs in Indonesia that are the most popular and often used for cooking, they’re the […]

Best 5 Indonesia Jamu Traditional Medicine – Uses and Benefits

Generally, Jamu is bitter like any other herbal medicine. In order to get rid of the bitterness, people usually put honey as an addition. In fact, some people use grape to lessen the bitterness of Jamu and warm the body. Sukoharjo district of Central Java is famous for being the sales centers of Jamu. Many […]