8 Most Famous Indonesian Dangdut Performers

If you are familiar with Bollywood music, it is quite similar to dangdut. Dangdut is very popular in Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore. This folk music of Indonesia currently mixes it with disco music, hip hop or reggae because most Indonesian dangdut fans are youngsters. Dangdut is a stylistically combination of Hindustani, Arabic, and Malay Folk. […]

5 Most Famous Bands in Indonesia

The evolution of Indonesian music industry grows rapidly. It shows that the variant of music in Indonesia is more diverse from time to time, including music characteristics from Indonesian bands. The Indonesian bands provide a typical kind of music that brings any vibes through the fans. The brief history of Indonesian music, especially music bands, […]

13 Social Functions of Music in Indonesia

Music is not only played or may only be heard. Music has social functions in society. With music, people can relieve stress and fatigue for an individual. By listening to music one can easily understand a particular science. In fact, many libraries are equipped with softly played music. The goal is to stimulate the brain […]

15 Functions Of Music In Indonesia

Music is a sound that comes from variety of musical instruments. Music contains rhythm, song, and harmony. Music has been around since humans existed from about 180,000 to 100,000 years ago. Today music becomes one of the most popular cultures in the world. Music evolved from just an entertainment to one of the expression. Music […]

The Brief History of Indonesian music

Do you like to listening Indonesian music? Music is the part of a culture. Furthermore, Indonesian music is all the music that develops in this this country which reflects the characteristics of Indonesia, both in terms of language and melodic style.Can not be denied the music in Indonesia has been developed, have you known how […]

15 Unique Styles of Music in Indonesia

Music is one of the most important parts of life. Through music you can convey intuition of inner feelings, although the main function is as an entertainer. Some of people say music is a passion, pleasure, even a money source. No matter what function of music, many people are familiar with music. But apart from […]