5 Most Famous Bands in Indonesia

The evolution of Indonesian music industry grows rapidly.

It shows that the variant of music in Indonesia is more diverse from time to time, including music characteristics from Indonesian bands.

The Indonesian bands provide a typical kind of music that brings any vibes through the fans.

The brief history of Indonesian music, especially music bands, started in 1970, an era where Koes Plus band inspired many music lovers to make their own music.

Through playing music in a band, they revealed the feeling about their life journey into songs.

That’s why, until now, there are so many kinds of music from many bands popping up in the Indonesian music industry.

If you wonder what the most famous bands in Indonesia from time to time, here we have some of them. Let’s check them out!

1. Sheila on 7

Sheila on 7 was born on May 6, 1996. They brought up the pop genre which became popular since their first album in 1999 called Sheila on 7.

Some best songs from this album were Dan, Kita, Jadikan Aku Pacarmu (JAP), and Anugerah Terindah Yang Pernah Kumiliki.

They won their first award in MTV Music Awards as the best newcomers in 2000.

The following year after their first album, Sheila on 7 launched the second album called Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan. 

The most popular songs in this album were Sephia, Sahabat Sejati, Bila Kau Tak di Sampingku, and Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan. 

Their songs were so popular and even became the number one hits in the Malaysian Billboard chart. Sheila on 7’songs have their own typical styles of music in Indonesia.

In total, Sheila on 7 have 11 albums with the last one was released in 2018. They still exist until now and have some concerts in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore.

In Yogyakarta, their home base, they will have four concerts every year.

Their fans, called SheilaGank, are always enthusiastic about the concerts and the tickets are always sold out in early pre-sale. 

2. Slank

Slank is one of the most famous bands in Indonesia with a rock type of music.

The band was initiated on December 26, 1983. They had changed their personnel for fourteen times.

Finally, in 1990 they made their first album called Suit…Suit…Hehehe (Gadis Sexy). The best songs of the album was Maafkan and Memang. 

Since the first album, Slank have became famous until now. They have released twenty-seven albums from 1990 until 2013.

All of their albums have a fantastic selling of copy cassette. And just for your information, Bimbim is one of the famous composers in Indonesia.

Many of his songs became most played songs in Indonesia. One thing from Slank that makes them different from other Indonesian bands is their unique songs.

They have included themes like love, life, music piracy issues, and also politics in their songs . 

3. Dewa 19

Dewa 19 was born on 1986 but released their first album called Dewa 19 in 1992.

The best song on this album was Kangen (Ku Kan Datang) which has becames a timeless song until now.

The very first personnel of Dewa 19 are Dani Ahmad as keyboardist, Ari Lasso as vocalist, Andra as guitarist, Erwin bassist, and Wawan as drummer.

Dewa 19’s music genres are pop, rock, and jazz. They were awarded the best of productive singer award from PWI in 1992, then on 1993 got the best seller album (pop category) award and a best newcomer from BASF Awards. 

On the year of 2000, Dewa 19 launched their 5th album with the new vocalis Once Mekel.

The big hit of the song from the album called Risalah Hati, Separuh Nafas, Cemburu, etc.

They are become more famous since then, and in 2006 got AMI Awards for category best rock album and best the band of rock. 

In 2008, Dewa 19 becomes known internationally by the Rolling Stone’s magazine.

The magazine claimed that Dewa 19 is of the band on the list in “The Immortals: 25 Biggest Indonesian Artist All the Time”.

And the band bring the fans into the social function of music in Indonesia.

Their fans become solid in society from Dewa 19’s songs. They are so aware of society and the importance of music in Indonesian culture rising perfectly.

4. Peterpan

Peterpan started the band in 2000 with the hits song called Mimpi yang Sempurna from their first album Taman Langit. 

The band becomes famous since then and then they launched its second album in 2004 called Bintang di Surga with the best song Ada Apa Denganmu?

Peterpan’s album always gets the best hit of the song on every album. The selling from the album has sold millions of copies.

They get some awards such as breaking the record of MURI from their concert in 2004.

They also get SCTV music awards for the best pop group and the best pop song in 2005.

Peterpan still exists until now with a new brand called Noah since 2010.

They become well known internationally with their tour in the U.S. in 2015.

The tour came to the San Fransisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC.

5. Jamrud

Jamrud started the band with five personnel in 1990. They became popular with their hits songs such as Pelangi di Matamu, Surti-Tejo, Terimakasih, and Selamat Ulang Tahun.

The songs are timeless until now and still becomes Indonesian favorite song. Their album sold in millions of copy and Jamrud become internationally well-known.

They recorded their album in Sydney, Australia, with the album called Sidney 090102 in 2002. Jamrud got so many awards such as brought the five awards from the AMI award in 2000.

The next following year, Jamrud got the award from AMI Award again. In 2002 they became the best rock band in Indonesia.

Those five bands are some prove in the music industry as the most famous bands in Indonesia from time to time.

They are such an inspirational band for the young age in Indonesia to be brave to make their own music.