15 Functions Of Music In Indonesia

Music is a sound that comes from variety of musical instruments. Music contains rhythm, song, and harmony. Music has been around since humans existed from about 180,000 to 100,000 years ago. Today music becomes one of the most popular cultures in the world. Music evolved from just an entertainment to one of the expression.

Music is not just for fun. Music can affect human health. According to a psychology lecturer from Goldsmith College London named Dr. Victoria Williamson, there is relationship between music and the core of the brain that reacts to stimulation. Stimulation is similar to food, light, sex, and so forth. This is also supported by the results of other studies. Listening to songs can have an effect on some parts of the brain, which are responsible for memory and vision.

There are 15 functions of music in Indonesia :

  1. Entertainment

Music is an art that serves to provide entertainment to the audience. In an event, music acts as one of the media that can make event more lifely. With the music presented, people can enjoy the event with more relaxed. Although the audiences are not understand the lyrics, they will feel relaxe just by listening to melodies and rhythms of music.

2. Express The Emotion

This is the main functions of music. Music works to excite emotions both by songwriters and music lovers. That’s why today there is a wide variety of atmosphere in music. There is music that has a cheerful atmosphere, warm, lonely, sad, spooky, tense, slashing, etc.

The music can affect a person’s mood. Those who used to have a bad mood, could be better with music. People who are emotional, will be more relaxed with the music. Through the rhythmic stimulation of the music can cause a variety of psychological reactions of a person.

3. As Rituals

In the past and even in the present, religious ceremonies or rituals are always filled with music. The goal is that everyone can live it more solemnly. One of the religions that often use music in every ceremony is the Hindu religion in Bali. There from the ceremony to welcome the birth, marriage, feast day, and even death is always accompanied by Balinese gamelan music.

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4. As Business

For some people music is not only a form of fun, but as a source of income. This applies to lyricists, musicians, singers, musicians, DJs, and so on. Today the music industry is one of the most profitable creative industries. Many people are involved in the music industry.

Especially if the singer is a top artist. Perhaps the current sales of music albums are always low due to the rise of piracy. But the industry is still profitable from the sale of merchandise, concert tickets, and sponsors.

5. Communication

In the past, music became one means of medium range communication. For example if a ceremony has begun it will be a special music to invite the invitees and as a signal that the ceremony has begun. Music is a universal language.

Music can create peace, human solidarity, and can combine the differences. Music is a communication medium can be more easily understood. Examples of music as communication is able to represent the feelings we want to convey to others. For example expressions of longing, love, disappointment, and so forth.

6. Soothes the Soul

Music is also used as a means of relaxation and soul-mating. One of the most popular is Kitaro and Kenny G. Their music is so melodious and soothing. This song is suitable to be played during meditation or yoga.

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7. To Welcome Guests

Any event that is big enough must have a music that serves as a welcome guest. Especially if the guest is an important person like the President. Music to welcome guests is also used to welcome the football players who want to enter the field.

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8. To Improve Intelligence

Lots of research shows that playing music can improve the intelligence of audience. Babies who always listen to classical music can also increase their intelligence. The strains of the tone can improve the performance of the brain in humans. Especially for babies who are still in the womb that is developing. Music will greatly help grow baby’s intelligence.

9. To Accompany Dance

Every dance is always accompanied by music. Music is always in tune with dance moves. There is even music that can affect the audience to join the dance as well. Antiquity of music equipment may be simpler. But the rhythm of the musical instrument can accompany traditional dance. Now a lot of music is made along with the dance.

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10. As a Show Accompanist

Performances of drama and movies are always accompanied by music that is adapted to the atmosphere of the scene. The goal is to increase the viewer experience in enjoying the movie and help the audience to understand the atmosphere in the scene.

11. To Symbolize Something

For you know, one of the functions of music is to symbolize something. Tempo music can symbolize something. For example if the tempo is slow, then it symbolizes sadness. Music can also be a symbol of a country or region. For example Indonesia Raya song which is a symbol from Indonesia.

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12. As Background Audio For Sports

Sports activities, especially gymnastics and jogging feels more fun when listening to music. Music can also accompany movement in gymnastics. If the tempo of music is fast, then by itself our movement will be faster.

13. For Help in Education

A lesson will be more easily understood when used as music or music accompaniment. Music can also be used as a means of delivering advice that educates children. Classical music helps lock the right brain to not disturb the left brain when students learn. It is advisable to study at school with classical music with low volume.

14. Enliven The Atmosphere

When alone, turn on the music will make the atmosphere more lively. So we do not feel frightened anymore. Cheerful music prevents us to have feelings of anxiety when alone. This is the one functions of music that we can get directly.

15. As a Characteristic of Local Culture

Every country in the world and even every region in Indonesia must have a traditional music as one of the characteristics of its culture. When people hear the music, they will immediately remember the area where the music came from.

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