Top 17 Famous Products in Indonesia

Beside having some of the great attractions and cultures, Indonesia also has several unique products that you can only get exclusively from this very country. Even though you can import them yourself, the price in the country will be much cheaper, way cheaper. Read also: most imported products from Indonesia Rice Production in Indonesia Farming […]

Farming in Indonesia – Areas – Cultivation Systems

Before learning about farming in Indonesia. Its a good thing to know about what is farming means first. Farming is an activity of exploiting biological resources by human to produce food, industrial raw material, or energy source, and to manage its environment.(Read also : Flag of Indonesia – Indonesia Military Power). Biodiversity utilization activities included in agriculture are […]

The History of Batik Indonesia

Batik Indonesia has been widely known throughout the overseas community. This ancestral heritage of Javanese society even has been titled by UNESCO as one of the Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity since 2 October 2009 (now it is known as National Batik Day). Batik was firstly introduced to the world by President […]