5 Things about Pesantren culture in Madura

Pesantren is a traditional education in Indonesia, where the students live together and learn under the guidance of a teacher or known as Kiai. There is a boarding house for the santri to stay in which is inside a complex, there is also a mosque, room for studying and other religious activities. Pesantren is a […]

15 Beautiful Words in Javanese Language : Wise and Meaningful Phrases

After telling you about the Javanese culinary you can find in Jakarta city, let’s dig some more into the core of Javanese culture. Aside from telling you about the arts and traditional stuff of Java island, we also want to take you closer with learning about the Javanese language. Have you familiar with it? Related […]

30 Facts About Javanese Culture That You Should Know

Always said so many times, Indonesia is the only one country of you looking for the culture and arts that crarfter and made uniquely by its people. For examples, there are some regions that have their own unique culture. There are the Javanese, Papuanese, Betawi culture, and many more waiting to discover. See also : […]

Javanese Wedding Culture – Procession – Ceremonies

Around 40% of Indonesia inhibitants are Javanese. This ethnic came from cities like Yogyakarta, East Java, and Central Java. Javanese ethnic well-known with the prudishness. The way they spoke, walked, dressed, and sat is totally different. Especially when you make a comparison with Bataknese ethnic. Well, the volume while talking is different. Javanese sound more […]