The 17 Best Javanese Restaurants in Jakarta : Locations of The True Javanese Delicacy

In the previous article, we mentioned some of the best Javanese restaurants you can find on Bali island. Even in a totally different island like Bali, you can enjoy the delicacy of Javanese meals still. The taste of the foods will highly remind you of your hometown on Java island, an island where you were […]

List of 14 Best Javanese Restaurants in Bali : Heavenly Taste with Affordable Price

As the people in Indonesia, we also blessed with so many things we need to be grateful for. For example, we live in a country that has almost everything from the natural attractions to the growth of the economy, even though we need to be better at it. However, most people out there will be […]

Top 20 Traditional Food of Java with Authentic Taste Must Try

Traditional food is so tempting to taste when you visit a certain area. Well in java, there is so much typical food that you can try to fill your longing of the best food to devour. Below will be listed some of them. 1. Lumpia (Fried Spring Roll) Everyone knows one of the typical food […]