The 17 Best Javanese Restaurants in Jakarta : Locations of The True Javanese Delicacy

In the previous article, we mentioned some of the best Javanese restaurants you can find on Bali island. Even in a totally different island like Bali, you can enjoy the delicacy of Javanese meals still. The taste of the foods will highly remind you of your hometown on Java island, an island where you were born.

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However, even though the cities are big on Java island, but the Javanese restaurants still remain. In Surabaya, Yogyakarta, or even Jakarta, you can see numbers of them. In Jakarta, there are so many modern places to visit, having an International menu like Chinese, Japanese, or maybe American. But the Javanese restaurants still felt so special. Here’s the list of best Javanese restaurants in Jakarta.

1 – Gula Merah

This is gonna be a long article. So, without further do let’s start the article of best Javanese restaurants in Jakarta with this restaurant called Gula Merah restaurant. If you translate it directly, Gula Merah basically means sugar palm, which is the common ingredient you can find on the land of Java.

You can find this restaurant in the area of East Jakarta. This restaurant basically serves the traditional Javanese meals like Nasi Empal and also Nasi Urap. Also, they serve the foods on a banana leave. With it, the food will smell way better. Most of them also have an affordable price.

2 – Omah Sendok

The familiar restaurant that is known for having a delicious menu of Javanese foods is Omah Sendok. People of Senopati would recommend this place, as a location that suitable for having an event like wedding, meeting, or maybe birthday party because it’s wide and having such an interesting location.

As a Javanese restaurant, Omah Sendok really gives its best for the customers, starting from the interior up to the variant of meal like Nasi Pecel, Selat Solo, and the other traditional Javanese meals. You shouldn’t be afraid when visiting Omah Sendok, because it also has a very affordable price, which starts from thirty thousand rupiahs.

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3 – Warung Gudeg Yogya Bu Darmo

If you ever visited Yogyakarta city, do you remember one of the traditional foods there called Gudeg? Yes, this sweet meal is considered as a must-eat thing in Yogyakarta city, and surrounding cities in general. Many said that the taste of Gudeg in Yogyakarta is sweeter than others. It’s true.

They tend to give more sweet taste to the Gudeg. So it can balance the tasteful of the foods. However, Warung Gudeg Yogyakarta Bu Darmo also has Gudeg, but not as sweet. Even though it’s different, it still has some things that still relevant to Yogyakarta city, like the combination of ingredients, and, of course, the cheap price.

4 – Pecel Pincuk Bu Ida

If you happen to live around Pondok Aren area, make sure to visit the Pecel Pincuk Bu Ida, where you can enjoy both Javanese meals and desserts. For the students, especially the ones who still struggle in school or university, visiting this restaurant would be a great refresher to lighten up the mood.

This restaurant has the special menu, Pecel Pincuk, and also the other additions like Gorengan, and the Tahu Petis.

5 – Mbah Jingkrak

Usually, the people in Indonesia would love to eat in a simple place yet affordable, of course, like in Warteg or Warung Tegal for example. That is the place where you can basically get anything you want, with paying a little amount of money. You can get the same experience at Mbah Jingkrak.

The restaurant gives the best meals for the customers, including the Ayam Jingrak, that will make you Jingrak (Jump off) from your chair.

6 – Dapur Solo

Who said that Yogyakarta is the only special city around Central Java? That province, in fact, has the best cities you could ever imagine. Aside from having such a rich culture, they also have their own interesting traditional culinary. Solo city, also has some notable things that you can also taste in this restaurant called Dapur Solo.

You can easily get those traditional thingies like Surabi Solo, and Bubur Jawa here.

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7 – Sop Ayam Pak Min Klaten

And the next one in the best Javanese restaurants in Jakarta is a restaurant named Sop Ayam Pak Min Klaten. If you happen to be in Indonesia during rainy weather, it’s best to take something to warm your body, like a chicken soup or sop ayam. The soup here is really tasteful because of those Javanese ingredients.

There are thirteen different soups you can get in here, make sure to choose wisely.

8 – Selera Meneer

Do you want to believe what is best to eat and recommendations from a Meneer? If so, come visit Selera Meneer in Gandaria area of Jakarta. Even though not directly given by a Meneer, you’ll get a set of interesting Javanese menus such as Nasi Kuning and Nasi Tumpeng. To be honest, all of them are delicious.

Even though they mostly serve traditional meals, the restaurant has such a modern interior.

9 – Java Kitchen

Just like its name, Java Kitchen is ready to give you a delicious taste of Java. The business has about 40 years old now, and still famous for its capability and skill to make a delicious set of Tumpeng. That’s why after all these years, the place seems to be never empty of customers.

Usually they order the Tumpeng before and just take them right away.

10 – Ayam Goreng Aroma

Talking about Javanese meals, we can’t miss the fried chicken or as we call it Ayam Goreng. The Ayam Goreng that usually served in this country only have thick skin. And sometimes it’s not so crispy. Instead, the Ayam Goreng processed with the spices to create a delicious one like in the Ayam Goreng Aroma for example.

The thing that’s good is not only the taste, but also the aroma.

11 – Penyetan Cok

Who said that Javanese restaurant is always boring? These days, the business turns into something way better than before. Some people do creative about this thing. They can combine it with whatever they like including the modernity. Just like in Penyetan Cok, which can be said to be the best place to hang out in Sunter area.

You can just enjoy the Penyetan here with your friends, and explore the 21 different Sambals till your heart contended.

12 – Gudeg Kandjeng

Another in the best Javanese restaurants in Jakarta is Gudeg Kandjeng. Previously, we also mentioned another Gudeg Restaurant. Is this restaurant has any difference? Or is it just the same? In Gudeg Kandjeng, they also add some chicken to their Gudeg. But the thing is, they combine the meat with Opor soup, so it becomes tastier.

They also add a thick coconut milk soup to the Gudeg as a dressing.

13 – Ayam Goreng Suharti

Talking about Ayam Goreng, we want to mention a recommended place to eat it. Located in the area of Tanah Abang, you can visit a restaurant named Ayam Goreng Suharti. In this restaurant, the chickens that used for the meals are Ayam Kampong, that is known of the ability to absorb the spices to the meat.

Why don’t you just visit and enjoy a legendary Ayam Goreng Suharti from Semarang?

14 – Warung Ngalam

In the East Java province, you can find a city named Malang. The people there have this unique behavior to reverse letters in a word. For example, the name Malang is usually referred to as Ngalam. Warung Ngalam is the restaurant you can try that serves traditional foods of East Java province, and Malang specifically.

The must-have menu in this restaurant is the delicious Rawon Malang.

15 – Tawangmangu Terrace

If you want to eat the traditional Indonesian meals, in a spectacular place possible, Tawangmangu Terrace should be included in your bucket list. This place has the most outstanding view of all. On the rooftop, you can even have a romantic dinner with your lover, with the traditional meals for sure.

Even though they serve Indonesian meals, but most of them are the Javanese meals like Sate Ponorogo for example.

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16 – Warung Bu Kris

For you who wanted to try the Sambals or dare to give your tongue an extra challenge of spiciness, come to Warung Bu Kris, where the hot is a common phrase in there. The visitors will say that word, not even once or twice. Warung Bu Kris is the home of many Penyetan possible. You can basically Penyet (smash) everything, including chicken, tofu, tempe, or even egg.

You can also choose the sambal based on your level.

17 – Suwe Ora Jamu

And the last one in the article of best Javanese restaurants in Jakarta is a cafe named Suwe Ora Jamu. For you who don’t know, Suwe Ora Jamu is also a title of a Javanese song, which mainly tells us how a person misses somebody they love. However, just like its name, this cafe sells kinds of Jamu.

All of them are surely refreshing and totally worth a try.