List of 14 Best Javanese Restaurants in Bali : Heavenly Taste with Affordable Price

As the people in Indonesia, we also blessed with so many things we need to be grateful for. For example, we live in a country that has almost everything from the natural attractions to the growth of the economy, even though we need to be better at it. However, most people out there will be familiar with the name of Bali island.

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Bali is the island that gives so much support to increase the country’s devisa via “inviting” the tourists from many countries around the globe to come there. Aside from enjoying the Balinese attractions, the culinary also the thing that can’t be missed. On Bali island, you can also enjoy some of the best Javanese meals in the best Javanese restaurants in Bali, such as:

1 – Kampoeng Bali Rimba Jimbaran Bali

The first one in the best Javanese restaurants in Bali is a place called Kampoeng Bali Rimba Jimbaran. This restaurant can give you this kind of unique Balinese vibe, with the traditional things you can find inside alongside the interesting dishes. The place is so amazing with the natural environment combined.

In fact, the visitors would like to enjoy the scenery first before actually going to fulfill their tummies. At a special time, which is the dusk, there will be this special procession held by Kampoeng Bali, showing how people of Bali welcoming the sunset. The menu is amazing as it is, because you can also enjoy the Javanese meals besides the Balinese dishes.

2 – Gabah Restaurant and Bar

Gabah Restaurant and Bar is known as a place for Kings and Queens to eat. No, we’re not talking about the Kings in the region of South East Asia nor the ones in Europe. But, we’re talking about the county’s Kings here, the customers. Not only metaphor speaking, but literally. You’re the King if you ever visited Gabah Restaurant and Bar.

Why is that? Is that because of the term, “Customers are The Kings”? Possibly, but not only that. The fact that visitors of Gabah restaurant and bar will be entitled as Kings is because of the menu here called Royal Kingdom. It basically a complete st of menu, filled with traditional foods from Bali and the other regions that usually served for harvesting party long time ago.

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3 – Selingsing Cepaka

You know, aside from the Goat roll, or as many people call it as Kambing Guling, which is considered to be a must-have thing when celebrating something in Java island, you can also taste the Pork roll if you visit Bali. Of course, this food is considered to be non Halal one, so you shouldn’t visit this restaurant if you’re a Muslim.

Selingsing Cepaka is specialized in serving the Pork roll. Every day, they can sold out more than fifty portions of it. Usually, the visitors are not foreign tourists who are curious and interested to taste a full body of Grilled Pork. Many said that Selingsing Cepaka is the best restaurant of them all.

4 – Bale Udang

Moving from the Pork thing, we want to introduce you to a place named Bale Udang. Seeing the picture of it, we’ll be reminded of the form of a restaurant that you can usually find in the area of West Java province or Sunda. Bale Udang has almost the same vibe as them, the only difference is maybe the temperature.

They decorate the place nicely with the choice of materials for building the Saungs. Most of them use the dried leaves as roof, and located neatly forming a U shape circling the small lake on the center. In here, you can get the most delicious seafood ever from the fresh and sea water fishes.

5 – Sunda Kelapa Restaurant Bali

Sometimes, visiting an island that is really different from our hometown far away can make us miss our family back home. This also happens to people who work at Bali island, while they have a home at Java island. If they won’t be able to Mudik this year, and really wanted to taste the delicacy of their hometown, they can visit a place called Sunda Kelapa restaurant.

This restaurant mainly serves the traditional Javanese meals, starting from the simplest yet delicious like Nasi Goreng, to the more expensive and fancy stuff like Nasi Tumpeng. The taste that this restaurant gives us really bring back home. Especially, they tend to have an affordable price for most of them.

6 – Dapur Bunda

Another one in the best Javanese restaurants in Bali is a restaurant called Dapur Bunda. If you directly translate it to English, it means Mom’s Kitchen. Does it feel so homey there? Or is it just a title? Turns out, it actually does look like a home. Dapur Bunda has this vibe that will remind us of our home.

The interior is really casual, and really warming to be honest. They also serve some Indonesian foods like Nasi Campur with such an affordable price.

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7 – Warung Nikmat

In this point to the 10th one, we’re gonna mention some of the best Warungs or Food Stalls you can find on Bali island. Let’s start with this one called Warung Nikmat. Just like its name, this warung wants to give the true delicacy to its customers by serving a lot of variant of foods that displayed on the front.

You can pick whatever you want and then pay it directly to the cashier. With an authentic feel and affordable price, this one is a must to visit.

8 – Warung Mak Beng

If you visit the Sanur area of Bali island, make sure you have time to enjoy a delicious fish soup in Warung Mak Beng. This small restaurant actually has the wonderful fish soup that is known for its unique and tastiness. The business was first built in 1941, and they served the same menu, Fish Soup.

The ingredients are fresh, coming from the nearby ocean. Usually, they serve the fish soup with additional fish fried, sambal, and rice.

9 – Warung Classic

And the next Warung, but not the last, is Warung Classic. Located hidden far away from the crowd of Bali, you can find a Warung named Warung Classic in the area of Munduk, Banjar, Buleleng, Bali. Thanks to its hidden location, this restaurant has an outstanding view of the environment around it.

You can taste the local foods while witnessing the greatness of Balinese nature. Plus, you can also join the cooking class if you want.

10 – Hog Wild

Another one in the best Javanese restaurants in Bali is How Wild. Just like Selingsing Cepaka, this restaurant also serves one main ingredient of meals, Pork. Just the same as the previous restaurant, How Wild also serves the Pork Roll, even a full pork body from head to tail. You can also try the other variant if you’re afraid.

But, this restaurant also thinks for the Muslims. That’s why they also serve the other Halal meals such as Fried Duck and Beef Skewer.

11 – Kafe Batan Waru

Who says that you can’t combine traditional with International? Tell them visit Kafe Batan Waru, a place located in Kartika Plaza, Lippo Mall Kuta, Bali. You can enjoy both International and traditional meals. Aside from those, you can also enjoy the desserts. They also have both of them.

But, you shouldn’t miss the Injin Porridge, the traditional dessert of Bali. It’s good, sweet, and refreshing.

12 – Rumah Makan Ayam Bakar Wong Solo

The name of Ayam Bakar Wong Solo is not to strange anymore to us Indonesians. You can say that it’s one of those successful businesses, having many branches across the country. The restaurant still has its signature dish, which is Ayam Bakar Wong Solo or the Grilled Chicken from Solo.

The taste if of course different from any other grilled chicken out there.

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13 – Gourmet Sate House

As you may know already, Sate or Satay, as you pronounce it, is considered to be Indonesian traditional food. It comes in different forms, served with different kind of ingredient. For example, Bali has its own Sate Lilit. And we can enjoy Sate Ayam in Java island, or even Sate Kerang in East Java.

If you want to taste them all, you can see a place called Gourmet Sate House. You’ll see.

14 – Warung Wardani

And finally, the last one on the best Javanese restaurants in Bali is also a Warung called Warung Wardani. Our last Warung on the list brings a usual yet special thing to us, the Nasi Campur. Nasi Campur that you can buy in Warung Wardani is different, because they have the secret recipe to make its delicous soup.

While eating Nasi Campus, you can also order for dessert, like the traditional Es Dawet for example.