Alcohol Regulations in Indonesia You Must Know

In almost of western country, drinking alcohol sometimes is a need. You can find alcohol as easy as you want, as long as you have been up to 18 years old. However, you would find the different things in Indonesia. The usage of alcohol in Indonesia is very limited. Moreover, almost of Indonesians embrace Islam […]

20 Common Rules for Marriage in Indonesia

Almost 99% Indonesian people will get married in the age of 19 until 20 years old, many Indonesian people decided to marriage although they are still young and have opportunity to get more benefit career. There some factors that make some younger want to marriage, like they already have relationship for many years, their parents […]

13 Foreign Investment Rules in Indonesia

You might be interested in having foreign investment in Indonesia due to its current economic growth. It may also because of other business opportunities. However, to start investing in Indonesia is not an easy task especially if you are inexperienced. There are many rules and laws to obey while you are investing in the country. […]

13 Types of Tax in Indonesia – Characteristics

Taxation is a policy that aimed to support a state prosperity. In Indonesia, the rule of taxation is arranged in UUD 1945. As a good citizen, you have to pay the tax on time. Actually, there are some groups of taxation in Indonesia you might know. The most common group is direct and indirect tax. […]

25 Unique Laws in Indonesia – Characteristics

Indonesia is a country filled with may unique people and even more unique laws. This article contains 25 Unique Laws in Indonesia. Most of these laws have caused an outrage with the public while some are highly supported due to their effectiveness. Continue to read to find out what these laws are and what makes […]