Top 25 Traditional Food of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a city that is always praised for its culture and fine arts. However there is another aspect to Yogyakarta that should not be left out. Yogyakarta offers a wide array of culinary delicacy. There are so many traditional food that the city has created. Below are 25 Traditional Food of Yogyakarta. Read on […]

25 Indonesian Vegetarian Food with Authentic Taste

When it comes to food, Indonesia has a lot to offer. Many kinds of food all over the regions are made with various ingredients. There is always a meal to try for any kind of person out there, even for the vegetarians. Here are 25 Indonesian Vegetarian Food made with the best vegetable-based elements that […]

Top 25 Street Food in Jakarta with Authentic Taste

People often say that expensive food in a five-star restaurant is a prestige-filled meal. Made from selected ingredients and processed by the hands of chefs who have the world-class certificate to make whatever food they serve that’s considered good by the community. In fact, if we can be honest, then the most suitable food for […]