Top 25 Street Food in Jakarta with Authentic Taste

People often say that expensive food in a five-star restaurant is a prestige-filled meal. Made from selected ingredients and processed by the hands of chefs who have the world-class certificate to make whatever food they serve that’s considered good by the community. In fact, if we can be honest, then the most suitable food for the people of Indonesia is not that served in the famous restaurant. For our people’s local tongues, a culinary paradise actually lies in a typical street food

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1. Padang Satay Ajo Ramon
The only menu sold in this street vendor is just Satay Padang. But you can choose which satay you’d like, there is various stuff you can order such as Tongue Satay, Meat Satay, Heart Satay and Mix Satay. What is obvious is that Padang Ajo Ramon satay has a heavenly flavored taste that’s so delicious and has tender meat. The gravy is also abundant with its thick, and crunchy taste. When the satay is finished then you can try its delicious crackers with a sauce that acts as your desserts.

Prices : IDR 100k-/2 Persons

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2. Chicken Porridge at BCA Kelapa Gading
Blessed are those who live in Kelapa Gading because you can enjoy the most delicious Chicken Porridge every afternoon. Its location is opposite Al Azhar Kelapa Gading and opens only from 4 pm to 7 pm. But when the place is crowded then the porridge there is sold out even at 6 pm.

Naturally, this Chicken Porridge is very delicious and even its topping is so many that it will overflow when you stirred it not too carefully. Although it has the larger portions the price is cheap just like other typical street food and costs only 12 thousand rupiahs. This porridge uses a yellow sauce and added quail eggs satay or gut satay to increase its flavor.

Price: IDR 50k-/ 2 Persons

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3. Taichan Satay Bang Ochit Senayan
Taichan satay is everywhere, but if asked which one is most delicious, then Taichan satay by Bang Ochit in Senayan is the answer. The place is just a tent stalls erected in the street of Asia Afrika, but those who came there are many. The queue of people buying is even already existed before the shop opening. Just like Taichan Satay in general, this satay is white, not brown like usual Satay.

What makes this satay difference than other competitors is that the marinade topping does not use peanut sauce, but instead uses chili sauce and lemon for its spiciness. So for those of you who don’t want to feel spicy then you can add lontong with the satay to make it less hot.

Prices: IDR 70k-/ 2 Persons

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4. Kebuli Apjay Fried Rice
The Fried Rice serve here is already delicious, but how would it taste when full of spices? Certainly more favorable. Many people don’t mind queuing for long hours to get a plate of Nasi Goreng Kebuli Apjay served in front of them, the aroma that’s pushed into their nose will make them super happy.

Moreover, the spicing is really tasty and it was fitting and the meat was not smelly either. With the addition of pickles and emping crackers then make this food increasingly addictive.

Prices: IDR 80k-/ 2 Persons

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5. Seafood 68 Santa
Eating great tasting seafood does not have to be an expensive experience. You can try it by coming to Seafood Santa 68 in Senopati. Although only a tent stalls, all the food there in this seafood restaurant is delicious. You can have a taste of food that makes many people willing to queue for long hours.

Meanwhile, you can try to order Crab Sauce Padang, the price is cheap and the contents are brimming full with topping. The Seasoning sauce of the filling can even be tasted into the crab meat. They also have Pomfret Fish that became the favorite menu of many people. Roasted fish meat is perfectly cooked and the original sauce makes customer addictive.

Prices: IDR 130k-/ 2 persons

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6. Goat’s leg soup Dudung Roxy
The tent stalls of this street vendor are erected on Musi Street Roxy area. If you want a goat meat soup then you can try Dudung Roxy Goat Soup that is highly recommended. Basically, this is Soto Betawi which contains goat meat and it does not smelly at all, so you can comfortably consume it.

Then, the soup of coconut milk is so soothing and not too thick, and very tasty to your taste buds. Also the soup is prepared in rich savory broth with spices and seasoning similar to another Indonesian favorite like oxtail soup.

Prices: IDR 130k-/ 2 Persons

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7. Indomie
Italian spaghetti is a food that’s famous around the world. However, for the tongue of the Indonesian people, then the instant noodles made from Burjo places are obviously winning the heart of many Indonesian as their preferred delicacy.

The pleasure of consuming instant noodles made by Burjo places already become an urban legend among the favorite hangout places for the Indonesian people looking for favorable street food and to also socialize with each other.

Prices: IDR 25k-/ 2 Persons

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Others (8-25)

Other than Jakarta’s street food that we explained above, there are other street food in Jakarta which you need to taste when you stay in Jakarta, such as:

  • Meat Balls: Meatballs sold by street vendors are obviously much more lovable. it has cheap price and you can get a lot more stuff anyway. And when the rainy season comes, then meatballs are the most delicious food in the world that you can taste. Eating meatballs while looking at heavy rainfalls make the meatball taste even more special.Spices in Indonesia)
  • Ketoprak Ciragil: This is the most legendary ketoprak in Jakarta. The place is very simple, there is in the tent on the pavement, but the place always crowded with customers. The Ketoprak has been proven to be delicious with its soft peanut sauce. The Lontong taste is also different from the others. And other things that make this more special is that there are an extra egg omelet on it
  • Egg Martabak: This Martabak vendor can only be found in the afternoon and the evening. But it does not lower the interest of Indonesian people trying to buy it. The taste of Egg Martabak clearly match with Indonesia people’s tongue. (see also: Luwak Coffee)
  •  Martabak Terang Bulan: Martabak Terang Bulang is also often called Sweet Martabak due to its taste. And it is usually sold by street food vendor on the sidewalk. What makes this Martabak different from egg Martabak is lie in the taste. If the egg Martabak tasted salty, then Martabak Terang Bulang tastes sweeter when coupled with chocolate topping. (see also: Table Manners in Indonesia)
  • Toasted Bread: The toasted Bread sold by street vendors is clearly different from the others. The bread is special with many choices to choose and it’s cheap. This food is so delicious that you can practically find it everywhere. That is obviously a clear proof that this one food snack has been received by Indonesian population. (See also: Why is Indonesia Important)
  • Chicken Soto: Indonesia is famous for its spices that tasted exotic. Even roadside chicken soup that is sold for Rp. 7000 and up to IDR 10,000 for a bowl tastes like heaven. (see also: Culinary School in Indonesia)
  • Chicken Satay: This is Indonesia’s most favorite food. Almost all Indonesians like to eat chicken satay with its crunchiness and crispy taste. (see also: Herbs in Indonesia)
  • Egg Crust: For those of you who have long lived in Jakarta then you would recognize this good food. For Betawi’s people, egg crust, also known as traditional spicy omelette, is a local food delicacy that has rich taste suitable for many people there. (See also: Traditional Drinks of Indonesia)
  • Ketoprak Jakarta: There is a Jakarta Ketoprak that tastes unique that is also a favorite food for the people of Jakarta
  • Fried Foods: Fried foods consumption sometime regarded as not healthy because the seller uses a lot of oil. But it does not prevent Indonesian people to enjoy fried stuff. Even the fried foods become one of the best-selling snacks are sold roadside throughout the archipelago. (see also: Eating Habits in Indonesia)
  • Chicken Porridge: You can find this food on a street vendor selling chicken porridge for breakfast with a flavor that’s so distinctive to suits your taste bud. (see also: Largest Cities in Indonesia)
  • Pecel Rice: For street food aficionado, then you can’t reject the taste of Pecel Rice. Even more so the Pecel from Madiun that taste between spicy, sweet and deliciousness that all fit on one plate. (See also: Indonesian Night Markets)
  • Fried Rice: For fried rice then you can rest assured that this is one of the favorite foods in Indonesia. Even President Obama likes it when he’s eating fried rice here and admitted that this is one of the best foods from Indonesia. (See also: Unique Facts about Indonesia)
  • Cakwe: Cakwe is one of the most anticipated morning snacks by Indonesian people. The taste is salty-sweet with the filling of spicy sauce that clearly awaken our taste buds. In addition, the price is also cheap for college students that make it’s favorite meals.
  • Bakwan Kawi: Bakwan Kawi is one of the most tempting street food that’s delicious, savory and cheap. Better to consume it when it’s warm to make the taste feel alive. (See also: Historical Places in Indonesia)
  • Cilok and Cireng: This snack made from starch is one of the most popular foods in Indonesian society. The soft texture and the delicious taste that fits on the tongue that makes us addicted to consuming even more. (see also: Misunderstanding of Culture in Indonesia)
  • Batagor and Siomay: Both of these foods can be normally found in street food vendors. The taste is typical and the portions are quite filling for your stomach and that’s why so many Indonesian people like to consume it.
  • Sausage and Egg Roll: This is also one of the favorite foods around Jakarta. Many elementary school children like to taste this kind of food due to its cheap price and many vendors selling it.

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The local delicacy of street food available in Jakarta is a heavenly experienced that must be tasted. With so many people there then you can find every food that suitable to every person need, and you’ll be able to appreciate just how vastly varied is the food there and can become a culinary activity that yet to be explored.